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Monday, December 3, 2007

Jennifer Love-Hewitt

I admit, I read the gossip rags and I find the pictures entertaining and the gossip interesting. I know that I contribute to them continuing to sell some falsehoods. But in my own fantasy world, I like to think I am in-touch with the celebs and their lives. In fact, theirs is the only news that I ever read or watch - the REAL news is way too depressing and stressful.

So, I would just like to say that I think Jennifer Love-Hewitt is beautiful and I think the media is just as crazy as they have always been. Have they ever actually watched an episode of "Ghost Whisperer"? She is so breathtaking in that show; the fashions that she wears are very flattering. To put criteria on women's weight and to say what is fat and what is not and what is beautiful and what is horrible is ridiculous. Who do they think they are? One week, they are chastising someone for looking a little pudgy (when all it is a few extra ounces of water gain). That person reads the media's insults, goes on a crash diet, loses the weight to impress the tabloids and to feel better about herself. Then, the media snaps a picture and they publish that she is "skin and bones" and that she has "an eating disorder". Wow, imagine that? I wonder why?

I realize an opinion is just that! Everyone has one and everyone has his or her own idea of "beautiful". My definition of beauty is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, who is healthy and happy and who has a friendly personality. Oh, look, I think I just described Jennifer Love-Hewitt.