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Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Have Some Great Kids

Colton came home with a big, orange Certificate of Appreciation from school yesterday. He was recognized for Trustworthiness because he is always on task and when finished with his work has something he is working on. GREAT JOB, COLTON!

Anthony seems to have come out of his shy shell and has a lot more to say at nights when we are all at the dinner table. He is also always very eager to do his chores when he is asked and never puts up a fight. He is doing WONDERFUL!

Sedona also came home with a big, orange Certificate of Appreciate. She was recognized for Trustworthiness as well because her classmates and her teacher voted for her! We were also surprised to receive a notice in the mail from the School District stating that she had been selected as Student of the Month from some of her teachers. They said that she was a great example of the Six Pillars of Character to other students within her class as well as all the students at her school. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE, SEDONA!

I am so very lucky to have such wonderful kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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