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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Introducing Danifer's Daily Commute - Vol. 1

I have found that I have a lot to say about traffic, driving, idiot drivers and various topics associated to my daily commute to and from work. In keeping with that trend, I will have a post series titled, "Danifer's Daily Commute". Don't worry, I will not post everyday about my frustrations with driving, I am sure that you have your own. I am writing this series in hopes that we can get through traffic together and express our feelings about it and possibly have a laugh or too as we relate to others' stories.

These are the top 8 things that bother me the MOST about driving/drivers:

1. Tailgating - It's not nice and it really upsets people. If you need to drive fast, go around. If you can't go around, try to pass when safe.

2. People who do not use their turn signals - Every car should be equip with them, why can't you use them? It just takes a second and it allows others to know what you are about to do.

3. The carpool lane and fast drivers - The carpool lane was made to reward drivers who transport other drivers and/or who ride motorcycles. This was not made to be the SUPER FAST, INDY 500 lane!

4. Waiting to get out into traffic - When I am waiting to make a right-hand turn and looking at the flow of traffic, as soon as I notice it is safe to go into a lane, I expect to go. Instead, someone from another lane sees the opening and switches right as I am getting ready to enter the traffic. Ugh!!!

5. Stand-still traffic

6. Never-ending construction

7. Merging, see my post about me being a lane blocker.

8. Slowing down coming toward a light - the person slows down as they approach the intersection just enough to get themselves through in time and once the light turns yellow, I am forced to run the light.

What about you? What bugs you.......?


The Tiemans said...

All the cameras they put up along the 101 and I 10 that are hiding...dang those cameras!
Oh, and when you let someone in front of you and they dont wave or say thank you somehow, how rude!

Danifer said...

Linz, you are so right, I heard a lot more cameras are being installed! Ugh.

I always try to wave, sometimes too excessively -lol

Daniel said...

I have seen your frustraion with traffic first hand and i have many of the same feelings about it. I wanted to add this to your list because it happen to me today. driving on a two lane road that is clearly going to merge to one and the person next to youwont slow or speed up so that you can get into the only lane remaining. luckly my truck is big enough to just bully my way in. : ) I LOVE YOU!!!

Danifer said...

You are such a bully, sweetie! But I see what you are saying, people sometimes seem determined to stay right next to you instead of going faster or slower - very frustrating!

Millennium Housewife said...

So the commute frustrations are global! MH

melanie said...

My husband bugs me. Cuz I am a very nice driver and he is one of those annoying drivers.

(btw-I'm happy momma over at the mom blogs)

Danifer said...

Millennium Housewife,

Yes, this traffic thing has been frustrating people all over the world - lol. I wish we had those darn magic carpets they were promising.

Danifer said...

Hey Melanie, glad to see you. Thanks for stopping by. You know what? The world needs some nice drivers, so I appreciate you.