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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Repost: Approval, Do We Really Need It?

Ever since we were little, we searched for approval to make ourselves feel better. We may not have been aware of how important it was or that we were even looking for it. When we heard that "Atta Girl" or "Way to Go" or even better, "Good Job!" it made us feel so wonderful. The start of this need for approval began and continues throughout our lives.

Many people brag about their accomplishments so that they can receive the praise they are searching for. Others sit back and wait and hope that someone notices. When we hear something other than praise, it can be devastating. And what about when we do something we know will not win the approval of others? This is when lying comes into play. We have all lied to hide a mistake or to keep something from someone we respect. We respect those people for their opinions, but don't want to hear about it when we are wrong. We are so funny that way.

What happens when you are living your life the way YOU want to and don't expect any one's criticism or approval, and you get it anyway? Say for instance, from your boss, parent's or in-laws. That's when you have just got to hold your tongue and change the subject!!!!!

Has there been an instance lately when you got an opinion and you didn't ask for it? Was it an opinion that you valued? Did this opinion change your mind? How did you feel after hearing it? Let's hear from you.........................


Jannie Funster said...

One time a was when a nosey-nut said my hair was too light (when I started dyeing it blonde to counteract time,) and I told him to buzz-off, 'cause I though he was out of line

But looking back at the photos from those years, he was right. It was toooo blonde,almost white-ish.

Otherwise, I'm perfect now.

Actually, as a songwriter I have to take criticism all the time, it's the name of the game so I'm really thick-skinned overall now and better off for it.

Danifer said...

Perfect is a good way to be (wink). I was told that I looked pregnant once and I bawled my eyes out (because I wasn't pregnant). What a hurtful thing to say to a woman who is self consious of her weight.

I was having trouble with your feed yesterday and this am in my yahoo reader. I will try again later.

AudreyO said...

Great question. I do hear things from others I don't want to hear and so I change the subject.

I think parenting advice is the worst. We all make different decisions as parents and so when someone tells me I'm doing something wrong I get really upset.

Danifer said...

Audrey O,

Thanks for coming by and commenting.

I agree, sometimes you just have to take the high road and change the subject. And as far as parenting advice, it seems everyone can dish it out, but when it comes to applying the advice, it's really hard. I think that unless someone asks for it,others should just keep quiet.

Have a great week!