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Friday, October 17, 2008


This picture reminded me of a recent event that left me feeling very emotional.
My daughter had the opportunity to play soccer at a professional stadium. While my son and I were sitting in the stands, the announcer called for everyone to rise and prepare for the singing of the National Anthem. During the song, I looked around at all of the people coming together to appreciate the freedom that we all have as Americans. I saw the men, hat in hand;the children looking toward the flag and then back at their parents as if to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to. I saw the attention that everyone gave, even during the rather long song and I was so very proud to be a part of this group. Somewhere along the way, the tears began to well in my eyes and after the song was over, my 8-year old looked at me and asked what was wrong. I told him that I was happy and proud of where we lived and explained to him the importance of the National Anthem.
I know that it would have been more fitting to have put a picture of the American Flag at the top of this post, but when I saw the spider, the frog and the turtle it reminded me of how great it is when we all come together for the same cause.

Questions for you:

Is there a time where you have felt a part of a team?

What thoughts go through your head during the National Anthem?

Do you want to share a comment? Please let me know what you are thinking.


Anonymous said...

I feel very proud to be an American! I think it's important to teach our children this since they don't do it in school anymore.

Danifer said...

Hey, why no name Anonymous? Thank you for your comment though. I agree, I think there is something wrong with the school system when they can't teach this anymore.

Pink Ink said...

I love being American, too. I became citizen about 11 years ago. I stand and sing the national anthem, and I am always moved. Having lived outside this country, I can say that we are truly blessed here.

Danifer said...

Hi Pink,

Thanks for stopping by and saying "Hi". I appreciate your comment. I agree, we are truly blessed.