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Friday, October 3, 2008

We Are All Doin' It

Dan and I have been busy being "sports parents". All three of the kids are playing sports: Sedona is doing soccer and Colton and Anthony are both playing Flag Football (on different teams). I am even going as far as assistant coaching Colton's team. Why did I do this since I don't know A SINGLE THING about football? I am still asking my self this question, as we are well into our season. I am learning and spending time with my wonderful son, so I am going to give myself an A+ for effort!

Dan is gearing up for a men's softball team that he will start playing on. He hasn't played sports in awhile, so he is going to take it slow. Unfortunately, his games are on nights that we have practices for the kids, so Dan will rarely have a cheering squad (but we are super proud of him!)

I decided since everyone else is doing it, that I was going to do an activity. Sunday nights I will be bowling. It's not exactly the cardio activity everyone else is doing, but I like to bowl and I think it will be fun. I might even get out and drag one of the kids or Dan to play tennis with me soon.

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