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Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome To My Thoughts

Welcome to my blog. I am fairly new to blogging and have spent the last week getting to know the blogging community. I have enjoyed reading various blogs, including Barbara's insight on Blogging Without A Blog, reading about life's lessons on Sara Healy. And I can't forget Jen's wacky antidotes at Absolutely Bananas, or Eric Hamm's informative posts on Motivate Thyself. Over the last week, I feel like I have made some friends if not by talking to them, by reading all of their interesting posts. I would like my blog to have the same effect on YOU!

Thoughts From A Down-To-Earth Girl are snippets of who I am and what I have to say. My blog can be about my opinions on parenting, my family, life's lessons, or tips on how to be organized. Along the way, I will throw in my attempts at humor, with posts like There Are Headless Men In My Car and The White, Construction Hat.

My blog is my creative outlet and I hope you will find it interesting (and maybe even laugh a little). My email address can be found on my profile page if you would like to contact me privately. Thanks for visiting!!!!


Eric Hamm said...

Welcome to the world of posts and comments, Danifer. There's no better way to get someone to visit your blog than to link to theirs and praise them in your post. :-) I appreciate that.

I look forward to seeing your blog grow as you share your thoughts with the world. If you ever need anything (questions, concerns, help of any kind) just let me know. My 'door' is always open. Eric.

Barbara Swafford said...

Hi Danifer - What a lovely way to describe your blog and your hopes. by keeping your blog goals in mind, it won't be long before you build a community of like minded people.

I appreciate the mention. I know both Sara and Eric have great blogs. Now I'm off to visit Absolutely Bananas. Thanks for the heads up.

Danifer said...

Thank you Eric! I appreciate the support and guidance. I hope to learn lots from you and the rest of the community. Thanks for being there.

Danifer said...

Thank you Barbara! And thanks for all of your help and advice. I think you will like Jen's blog, she is a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Great job!

Aneesh said...

finally you got that right.. :)
i mean the top commentators widget..

Danifer said...

Aneesh: Yes, thank you for checking back. After I left you the message, I did further research and found I had made a mistake by not taking some of the text out. Thanks for stopping by.

Sara B. healy said...

Welcome to the blogging family!!!

You've joined a wonderful family and community. I see you've already found some great friends in Eric and Barbara. I love their blogs. Thanks for including me in their company! It will be fun to follow your blog. I look forward to it.


Danifer said...

Thank you, Sara. Welcome. I have enjoyed your blog as well. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Annie Anderson said...


Nice to meet you! And thanks so much for dropping by my blog this weekend.

I hope you find blogging to be a fun and rewarding experience. ;-)

~ Annie