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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Danifer's Daily Commute - Vol. 2

Welcome back to The Daily Commute. When I started this series, I thought of all these interesting things to write about. After the first post, it seemed like I drew a blank. But today, I want to just let you all know about something cool that has been popping up all over Arizona.

Throughout the cities that I travel through during my daily commute, I have noticed that at certain intersections, they have done something to help everyone. Of course, we have had RED LIGHT cameras put on a lot of corners where accidents are known to happen. These were put up to discipline drivers who were running red lights. This was done with the hope that drivers would be inconvenienced by having to pay a fine and realize that to avoid this, all they have to do is slow down and stop on red. This is a safety measure that IS necessary. However, as a driver, it can stress you out. Do you drive really fast just to get through before you think the light will turn red? Do you drive really slow and upset everyone behind you? I have often found myself feeling quite anxious when I approach a red light camera.

Instead of simply punishing people, the city has decided to help alleviate the problem by making flashing, crosswalk signs do a "count-down". If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, take a look at this picture:

Not only do pedestrians have an idea how much time they have to get across the street, but so do drivers who want to try to avoid running a red light. I think that the use of these crosswalk count-downs are excellent and a really great idea. I have noticed that the majority of them are right on, but others are not calibrated correctly and do not always coincide with the red light. I think that if they are maintained and working properly, they are a wonderful addition to our cities.

Do you have these in your city? What do you think about them?


Barbara Swafford said...

Hi Danifer - I love the "Be prepared to be annoyed" sign.

Re: the crosswalk signs. I don't think we have them, but that sure is a great idea, as I've walked up to crosswalks and can only guess how much time I have before the light changes.

Danifer said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to see you. These count-downs are wonderful all the way around. I feel like I should write and thank the city (they are probably only ever used to complaints).

Jannie said...

Hmmn, I have not seen those second count-downers here yet.

Yellow lights for drivers are tricky, eh? Such a judgment call based on how fast you're going, when it turned yellow, street conditions. I tend to go slowly.

That Prepared To Be Annoyed sign is hilarious! Where did you get that pic?

Danifer said...

Hey Jannie, happy Friday!

Everyone in Arizona drives fast, maybe because so many people are transplanted from all around. I dunno.