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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Danifer's Daily Commute Vol. 3

This week, I have noticed during my commute that I see many of the same people, day in and day out, while I am traveling to and from work. I wanted to give a shout out to:

1. The boy on the bike every morning who wears his helmet, but never straps it on. Do you REALLY think you are going to be protected? And does your mom know you are not wearing your helmet the right way?

2. The "marathon man" who runs up and down the road waving to people. This man has to be about 80 years old but is out every morning running his little legs off and waving as if he is being watched by crowds of people cheering him on.

3. The scary motorcycle guy who wears a bandanna on his face that looks like a skeleton.

4. The woman and her 3 kids that are always waiting at the bus stop. I feel a sense of guilt as I drive by in my car and realize how lucky I am to be able to drive my kids to where they need to go.

5. The old, Chevy truck guy who I see every morning heading in the opposite direction. He drives a big, grey primer odd shaped truck.

6. The little old man on his bicycle, wearing his helmet (properly attached, I might add) who rides his bike in the middle of the intersection in front of the college.

7. The two "mobster look-alike" crossing guards who look like they are doing their community service.

8. The man and his daughter who wait for the bus to go home every day after work. They look happy and he looks like a good dad to have.

9. The couple who ride down the streets, hand-in-hand on their little rascals.

10. And lastly, the homeless man who lays on the ground at the bus stop by my work.

Are there people you see often who would stand out in your mind?


Jannie said...

Yes! The seemingly homeless but maybe not, man at a coffee shop where I often go. He usually sits outside. And smokes.

Monday he gave me two roses, a white and a pink, obviously stolen from the nearby bushes. But they smelled good and it was nice.

I guess he must think I'm pretty happenin'!

Danifer said...

Jannie, that was so nice! Flowers from a perfect stranger. So what if they were stolen :) And yes, you ARE pretty happenin'