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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Movie Review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I had been putting off renting this movie for no particular reason. I finally took the plunge and rented from one of those wonderful Red Box video locations. BTW, how convenient is that?

Anyway, the female lead, Kristen Bell, was in a
UPN show that I was sad to see go, Veronica Mars. I really like her. She's quirky, cute, funny and very likable (even as a cheating girlfriend). In a nutshell, Jason Segel plays a guy who was just dumped by his famous girlfriend of 5 years (Bell). We've all been there, dumped that is, and to watch what this poor guy goes through is too funny. This movie has a great cast, almost every single character got a laugh out of me (which is hard to do). I must warn you, some of what caused me to laugh was the reason this movie was rated R. There is full frontal nudity, sexual discussions, and all sorts of inappropriate behavior,which performed by this cast, ends up being hilarious!

I don't want to spoil it, so I am not going to tell you anymore, but if you liked
SuperBad, 40 Year-Old Virgin or Old School, you will love this movie.

Did you see this movie? What did you think?


Dorsey said...

I saw this a while back myself. But I picked it up because I love the guy on "How I met Your Mother", I was sure to like him in this (or so I hoped with crossed fingers).

I was pleasantly surprised by this show. I REALLY liked it! Oh and when she originally broke up with him I was almost on the floor laughing!! tee hee hee

Danifer said...

Dorsey, I have never watched that show. That guy was pretty funny! This comedy made me laugh like a lot of Ben Stiller's comedies do (Along Came Polly, The Heartbreak Kid). And yes, the beginning scene with the break up and the "hug" was soooo funny (and uncomfortable at the same time) - lol.

The Tiemans said...

I did like it, but it seemed a little long

Danifer said...

Linz, I guess I was having so much fun watching it that I didn't realize. Come on, didn't you crack up a bunch?

Jannie said...

Is is anythign like Kissing Jessica Stein? The title has the same cadence.

Maybe it'll be for the hubby and me this weekend.

Danifer said...


You know, I am not sure. I can't remember seeing that movie. But it is good and I hope you two enjoy it (and your weekend).