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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Movie Review - The Strangers

This movie was scary! Yes, I admit, I was on the edge of my seat. Horror movies now days are pretty cheesy, but the ones that get me are the ones that could be true. Dan agrees, in fact, he won't even watch them with me. So, my mom watched it with me and she didn't even fall asleep - this is a sign of a good movie.

The Strangers stars Liv Tyler and cutie, Scott Speedman as a couple who are obviously going through relationship issues. The movie starts out by making you curious as to why the wedding they just went to was so tense. They both come back home pretty upset and as the scenes play out you begin to realize what is going on. Along the way, the plot turns from their obvious problem to a really SCARY problem that any one of us could REALLY have. I know, I am being a little cryptic, but I just don't want to spoil this movie for you. I want you to see it the way I saw it, which was without seeing the trailer or reading any reviews.

So, rent this. Watch it during the day (or at night if you feel brave). Grab a blanket, cover your eyes if you need to, and enjoy the terror!

Have you seen this movie? Did you like it?


Daniel said...

I watched bits and pieces of this movie as i wondered from room to room. You aare spot on with this one it did indeed look scary. i do enjoy scary movies but i do find that movies that could truly happen will give me yet another nightmare. That is something that I just dont need. im happy that you and our mother got to share that movie and some time together you sem to make eachother very happywhen you are together

I love you Beautiful!!!

Danifer said...

Thanks for commenting, handsome. Next time you can curl up next to me and I will cover your eyes for you. I gotta look out for you, ya know?

I heart you!

Aleta said...

I haven't watched it. I'm such a wuss when it comes to scary movies. I never outgrow having nightmares from scary movies. I think I'll skip on this one, considering it has something to do with a wedding and I'm getting married in Jan. Lol.

Danifer said...

Aleta, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding - how exciting! Best of luck to you.

Dorsey said...

Rented this yesterday and haven't watched it's why:

Danifer said...

Dorsey, you are a hoot! Did you watch today in the bright of day?