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Thursday, December 4, 2008

BBQ Pumpkin Pie - Oh My!

This Thanksgiving, we were surprised by the phone call that Dan's sister and her family of five (+1 dog) were driving from CO to stay with us for the holiday. Once they got here, we received another surprise - his parents were able to make it as well. Their party of 7, plus our party of 5 and my mom, made for lots of holiday happenings.

My wonderful husband, Dan, is a great chef. Not only did he smoke ONE turkey in the bbq, he smoked TWO turkeys and bbq'd a pumpkin pie! Everyone could not go on enough about how awesome the meal was. Dan really did a great job. Kudos to everyone for their participation and for the wonderful contributions to the meal.

What was the main thing I loved about the meal? That superman himself told me I didn't have to lift a finger OR clean!!!! Can you believe that? I didn't think it was possible to love him any more, but after that comment, can you blame me?

Dan truly is a amazing man and I am lucky to have his love and support (and his wonderful cooking).


Jannie said...

Bar-b q pumpkin pie?! How do you do that?

The Tiemans said...

Hey I love the little snow trickles on your blog! How did you do that?

Danifer said...

Hey Linz:

Go to and follow the directions for getting the cool snow

Danifer said...


Dan wrote a description of how he did the bbq pie, here goes:

You must have at least a 4 burner BBQ. I set mine up to do some off heat cooking to get the turkeys smoked for our thanksgiving meal. I have one grate set right in the middle of my BBQ and the two outer burners going. This makes for off cooking and gives you a way to regulate the temp inside the BBQ. An outside thermometer on the BBQ lid is helpful so that you know what your BBQ/oven is staying at. I heated the BBQ up to 450 degrees and put in the pumpkin pie. I had to run one of the middle burners at first to get my temp to 450 and keep it all under control. I then cooked it for about 15 min. Then turned off the middle burner and turned down the outer burners fanned the hood twice and shut the lid. This dropped the temp of the BBQ to 350 degrees pretty fast. I let the pie cook for about 45 min to 1 hour and then we all enjoyed.