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Friday, December 26, 2008

Movie Review: The House Bunny

I admit it, I rented this movie over the holidays. I really didn't expect a lot from this movie and this was a good thing, since there was not much to it.

Story: It's the story of a beautiful Playboy Bunny (Shelly), who lives at the Playboy Mansion, but has never been a centerfold. She becomes homeless and stubbles upon a sorority house and talks the girls into allowing her to be their house mom. The house is filled with misfits and losers who are about to lose their charter and their house. With Shelly's help, the girls throw a killer party, get make-overs and become popular. Shelly tries to win the heart of Oliver, played by Tom Hank's son, but has problems getting him to fall for her airhead persona (which is really just the way she is).

Characters: The character, Shelly, is bubbly, sweet as pie and dumb as a box of rocks. She uses her sex appeal to her advantage, with her skimpy clothes and a raspy voice. Guys will love this movie, especially the scene were she drops her towel and you get to see her back-side.

The misfits at the sorority house are as annoying as nails on a chalk board. There is the lead girl who looks somewhat mentally challenged and acts the part too. There is a girl with piercings all over her face with horrible hair and dresses like a guy. There are a variety of other characters in the movie that fit the stereo types the movie tries to portray. The MOST annoying character that drove me crazy was the "Lumber Jack" girl who really made you wonder if she was even a female. It was hard for me to watch this person, with her deep-throated voice, her hunch-back walk/run and the actual words that came out of her mouth. The second most annoying would be Rumor Willis' character, who lived in a full body brace because she was afraid to take it off years ago when it was medically possible. She mimicks the Forest Gump scene where she begins running and her brace magically falls off and underneath she has beautiful long hair, a hot body and skimpy clothes. UGH!!!!

On a good note, if you like The Girls Next Door, you will enjoy seeing cameos of the Girls and Hef throughout the movie.

Over-all, this movie was lame. I did find myself envious of Anna Faris' body and it is giving me motivation (this week) to try to start working out and eating better. LOL


The Tiemans said...

Oh Shoot, I literally just had Greg go rent this for me as I was reading your post, LOL

Danifer said...


Well, hopefully you will still like it. I know you like The Girls Next Door, so at least it is worth it for that.

Have fun.