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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tips For Remembering Names

Let's face it, first impressions are very important. When you meet someone for the first time, it is imperative to remember their name. Too many times when we meet people, we are eager to get to know them or introduce ourselves, that we forget to pay attention when the names are exchanged.

When someone introduces themselves, repeat their name after they say it. Let them know it is nice to meet them. For example, "Dan. Nice to meet you Dan, I am Jennifer." If possible, after finishing the conversation or when saying good-bye, repeat their name.

You can also use word associations or special tricks for trying to remember their names. I sometimes think of an actor/actress or famous person with the same name.

Lately, I don't remember anything unless I write it down or set an alarm or memo on my cell phone. This also helps in remembering names. Additionally, you can record a description of the person or something important you want to remember about them.

Introducing a person to someone else is another good way of remembering a name.

Most people are bad with names and don't hesitate to admit it. If you didn't catch their name or forget what they said, simply ask them for their name again. Using the wrong name is more embarrassing than having to ask.


Daniel said...

I have used your say there name back to them method time and time again. It has worked great for me and every time I use this i think of you sweetie.

I LOVE YOU beautiful!!!

Danifer said...

Dan, thank you :) But if you think of me when you are trying to remember someone's name, you might accidentally call "Vince" - Jennie. That would be awkward.

I love you too, handsome.

The Tiemans said...

Thanks for the snow widget! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's your fellow Arizonian! I needed this on remembering names. I especially like relating it to an actor or something.

The repeating is also good. I've not done it before!

Danifer said...

Hi Tess. Thanks for stopping by. I am glad I discovered your blog. BTW, I love the header with the fish - very cute.

Carla said...

Those are are really good ideas because I am not good at remembering names at all. When it start a new job, it can take months before I remember the names of my co-workers.

For me, it sometimes help to learn someone's last name.

Danifer said...

Carla, I think remembering co-worker names are difficult too. You not only have to be new and learn everything, but you also have to remember who you just met, how to get in touch with them and where their office is. Name badges are great!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sara said...


I'm really BAD at remembering names and this post is very helpful. Thank you.

I have to warn against word association. My dad also had a poor memory for names. One time he and my mother were having a party and they had guest coming with the name Basset.

My dad figured he'd remember the guy's name by thinking about a Basset Hound. When the man arrived, my dad put out his hand and said, "I'm so pleased to meet you, Mr. Hound." Fortunately, the guest had a good sense of humor.

Your site looks GREAT!


Danifer said...

Hi Sara, thanks for the kind words. I had to laugh at your story. I have actually had a few slip ups with word associations too. Have a great weekend!