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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movie Review: Marley & Me

Hang on to your Kleenex! I knew this movie would have a sad ending, but I couldn't help crying during the last twenty minutes. Was it a good movie? Yes, of course! Should everyone see this? Yes - most definitely!!!! The movie, over-all was part comedy, part drama. It was very entertaining.

Marley & Me wasn't just a movie about a cute dog. This movie was about love, life, family, choices, and happiness. The movie follows John & Jenny Grogan, a newly married couple, played by Owen Wilson & Jennifer Aniston. The casting for this movie was great - the two made a very believable couple.

John & Jenny decide to get a puppy, enter Marley. Marley is as adorable as can be, and if you have ever had a puppy, you can relate to all of the wonderful side-effects to taking care of puppy. If Marley isn't chewing the floor, howling at thunderstorms or humping the stuffed animals, he is running off down the beach with everyone chasing him. This dog becomes a lot of work for the newly married couple, who eventually decide to start a family.

Throughout the movie, we learn about the Grogan family and the trials and tribulations of building a solid family and about holding onto your individualty. I related to a lot of this movie, since everyone always looks at the greener grass on the other side and wonders what it would be like. We see this when we observe John's relationship with his successful friend, Sabastian.

John and Jenny build their family and realize that it is all worth it; the screaming kids, the sleepless nights, the chewed up couch and all the joys that family brings. Throughout the movie, Marley ages as does the family. I began to cry as I realized that the dog has been there as a permanante fixture of the family and as he ages, we know the inevitable will soon happen.

Although it has a sad ending, the movie really is wonderful and I hear the book is great too. I hope I did not spoil the movie, but I really enjoyed so many aspects of this that I wanted to share it with you.

Did you see the movie? Could you relate with it? Do you have any CRAZY dog stories? The floor is open.....


Barbara Swafford said...

Oh how I hate sad movies. And if there are animals involved, that makes them worse. I can't even watch the commercial on TV about the abandoned animals.

Maybe I better not go see this movie.

Danifer said...

Barbara, I know what you mean. That commercial was on the other night and I made Dan turn the channel. All those big, sad, puppy dog eyes :(

Even so, Marley & Me is a good story and you can get so much more from it than just tears. I think at some point you should see it, you will feel fulfilled (even though you are shedding some tears).

The Tiemans said...

I haven't seen the movie and probably wont just b/c I suck at sad movies...specially when it involves animals :) I also have the change the channel when that ASPCA commerical comes on! Mostly b/c they show a Pit in the opening frame :(

Danifer said...

Linz, Yes, I do know how you are with animals. But it IS a movie about relationships and marriage and you can always stop watching when you think the sad part is coming....