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Friday, January 30, 2009

Movie Review: Revolutionary Road

I have been putting this review off for awhile so that I can give some good thought to it.

Why did I go see this movie?

1. I thought that seeing Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet together again (after Titanic) would be good.

2. It looked like a movie that would resonate with anyone who has ever been in a relationship.

How did I feel when I walked out of the movie?

1. I felt really disappointed.

2. I felt embarrassed that I made my husband go see it with me.

3. I felt tense and depressed.

My thoughts on the movie:

I remember when the movie was almost at it's end looking over at my husband who looked as uncomfortable watching this as I did. This movie was obviously written by someone who does not have good thoughts on marriage as every relationship in this movie seems disfunctional. When we left the theater, I appologized to my hubby. We both agreed that it was uncomfortable watching the characters fight - you really felt like you were a part of it. We agreed it was a bad movie.


The next night, while out for dinner, we began talking about the movie. We both brought up our thoughts on the characters and the relationship that they had with one another. We agreed on a lot, but we also brought out other ways of looking at things in this movie. We related some of the movie to our relationship and our past, failed relationships. By the time we were done discussing the movie, and our relationship, we both seemed to realize that the movie wasn't all that bad and that maybe we got out of it what we were supposed to.

I would love to share our thoughts on this movie, but I do not want to give it away or ruin it. So, I will just leave my review as is.

Did you see this movie? What are your thoughts?


Jannie Funster said...

Didn't see it but sounds like something to rent instead of seeing in the theatre in case we hate it, can stop it and therefore haven't wasted too much time and or / money.

I see the new Clint Eastwood is given 4 stars out of 5 by a reviewer I love. Will you go see that one?

Danifer said...


I think that is a good idea. However, even if you hate it, you might want to watch the whole thing, just in case you get more from the whole picture. Struggle through it, even if you find yourself biting your

I am not familiar with the Clint Eastwood movie, I will need to look into that. Thanks for the tip.

Vered - MomGrind said...

I haven't seen it, but I'm intrigued. Sounds like something to watch with a girlfriend, though - my husband would likely complain it's a "chick flick."

Danifer said...


Yes, I think you are absolutely right. Being able to talk to a girlfriend about the movie would be good. However, being able to get a guy's perspective really made me see a different side of the movie that I might not have seen with a girl.

Daniel said...

Good review babe. I agree that once we discussed the movie the next evening over dinner we both got something different from the movie. I enjoyed our discussion way more than the movie and for that I am happy that we went to see it. I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL!!

Danifer said...

Thanks sweetie. I like doing things with you :) I love you.

Jen Bundy said...

I have been wanting to see this movie BY myself because I thought it would help me with my divorce issues. I definately wouldn't take a date to it.

Danifer said...


Welcome! I understand your desire to see this movie with all that you are going through. I think it will help you put some things into perspective and perhaps realize that what you are doing, you are doing for a reason.