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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PMS - Or Just A Bad Day?

So.....I am sure that I will be stirring the waters with my topic, but I want to know what you all think.

I am generally a pretty easy going person. I do have my opinions but I get along with everyone. People who know me know that I don't curse, I don't say mean things to people and I am usually fairly happy in appearance. Of course, I can have my complaints now and then, but I laugh them off.

I know people who are complete opposites from what I mentioned above, almost 365 days a year. You can never make them happy, they are upset with the world and carry a super huge chip on their shoulders. That's fine, they are entitled if they feel so inclined.

What I am about to say may surprise you, but once a month, usually only one day, I can be a little moody. I can be sad or a little on edge and I have been known to pick a few fights with the hubby. You might know other women who get this way, heck, you yourself might be this way.

The question of the day is: If women are emotional or have a bad day, why do men always blame it on PMS? When they have a bad day, they can't use that excuse - so why do they feel we are not entitled to have a bad day?

I am just asking.......


Barbara Swafford said...

Hi Dannifer - Unfortunately I think women are the ones who started that "rumor". We don't know how to explain why we get moody for only a day or two, so we use PMS as an excuse. Granted, it's probably true.

And you're right. If men are moody, they're just "moody" and it's not attributed to a change in there testosterone.

Patricia said...

Good question. When I was growing up no one was supposed to know when it was that time of the month, but you were not allowed to do PE or go swimming. I got a migraine headache every month, and so I was known as a sickly woman.
the revolution came and new hygiene products and pills, and a court case in which a woman killed her spouse and her justification was PMS
Now we could talk about it and make excuses.
Men do have cycles and many problems after they eat certain foods, drink alcohol or do drugs...we just don't talk about it so much YET.

Danifer said...

Hi Patricia, thanks for your comment. I know it has always been a "hush-hush" kind of thing. And I do tell my husband he is lucky I am not coming after him with a butcher knife, as I have heard of women in the news doing such. He should be grateful, right? lol Oh, and I COMPLETELY agree with men's moods after they drink alcohol.

Danifer said...


Hi there. You are right, women do excuse themselves often when it is "that time" by claiming so. Maybe we just figure everyone will understand, but then we are looked at as being "a little crazy" because of hormones.

In my house, if I make the PMS excuse once a month, I get no sympathy, just, "Yeah, right!" So, I think I will just start calling it, "Bad Day". lol

Dorsey said...

Its an easy excuse, and one that's been around for ages. My husband can't blame my bad days on PMS, as I've had a complete hysterectomy. But now he just says "Feeling a bit hormonal today, honey?" Ugh!

And I fully support that EVERY man I've ever known has experienced a "time of the month"!!!

Danifer said...

Heya Dorsey,

Thanks for visiting. I think you definitely need to use that line next time your husband has an attitude :)

Juliet - LifeMadeGreat said...


My boyfriend calls it:
"Pass Me the Shotgun"

Seriously though, it is quite dismissing.

From my experience, men feel uncomfortable with emotions and/or with things they can't "fix". Either way, blaming it on PMS is a way out.


Danifer said...


Welcome. Thanks for coming by. I think you are very right that men don't like to think about emotions and stuff and PMS is their excuse to say they can't relate (when really they would just rather not hear about any of it) - lol

Fiona said...

I think men do cycle hormonally and we should put a name on it. Equality for all! Why should we women get all the good excuses? LOL

Danifer said...


I think you are absolutely right! I challenge someone to come up with a good name.

Thanks for visiting.