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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Update: Wii Active

Well, I did a total of about 10 Wii Active workouts spaced over a period of about a week and a half to two weeks. The workouts made me sweat, they made me feel like I was getting a full body workout and they made me build muscle. I actually gained weight (muscle) and that made me frustrated. However, I would have kept doing the 30-day challenge had I not hurt my ankle(s). The last couple workouts that I did, I began experiencing pain primarily in my right ankle, but both ankles hurt. The right ankle began to swell and I had to stop the workouts. It took about two weeks for it to heal. I believe that the carpet in my living room has poor padding underneath, and with the jumping and the running in place the exercise requires, it caused the sprain. I am contiplating buying a yoga mat or an exercise mat to see if this will help. I have not taken the step yet, since I have been on vacation and focusing on my Weight Watchers plan.

My suggestion if you are going to do Wii Active? Make sure you have ankle support, proper floor cushioning and be ready to sweat!


*Lindsey* said...

Question...Did you wear tennis shoes, or no shoes?

Danifer said...

Yes, I wore cross trainers.