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Monday, July 27, 2009

When Will I Ever Learn?

When will I ever learn? If you want your hair to look good, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and pay someone for their help.

Several years ago, I made a major hair color mistake. I am a natural blond who decided to try to go black. This process was a nightmare as I attempted to do the transformation myself. After several boxes of color, having gray hair, etc., I finally got the black that I was trying to achieve. Unfortunately, I did not like it on me and decided to change it back ----that day. The trek going back from black to blond was even worse than my dying experience before. By the end of the day, I think I had done my hair a good 8-10 times. It's a wonder I had any hair left. I did seek the help of a Sally's Beauty Supply expert who guided me to fix all my errors. I vowed never to do that again.

Well, my vow did not last and this April, I decided to go from blond to medium dark brown. The process was not real difficult and after attempting a few different shades, I was happy and everyone seemed to like the new me.

The new me lasted about 3 months, until the other day when I decided to go back to blond. Did I go pay a professional to help me make the transition painless? NOOOOOO! Instead, I thought I could save money and do it myself. By the time I was through, however, I had spent about what I would have at a salon. I tried to remember all of my mistakes from before, but still went through about 4 processes, before I went to Sally's again and got some final advice. I went from brown to light brown, to orange to orange to red and then finally my roots went to very yellow and the rest of my hair is a dirty blond with a little strawberry in it. But, rest assured, throughout the process, I did use a very good conditioner.

Am I happy? No! But, I will live with it for a month and I hope by then, my hair will be healed and I can finally achieve the blond that I want. Did I learn my lesson? Yeah, because I HATE hearing my husband say "I TOLD YOU SO" over and over again. lol


*Lindsey* said...

I have never been as daring as you. The most drastic thing I did was color half of my hair brown, and then weave in some brown on top. It was way to dark for me with the brown only weaved in on top. I know now to either stay blinding blonde or platinum blonde, LOL. I do like having my natural color underneath though b/c then I dont feel like I have to get the roots done as much. Let me know if you want Keri's number. She's probably cheaper than one trip to Sallys. And we could schedule our app. for the same day :)

Danifer said...

Linz, I really love your hair color and hey, maybe we would look more like sisters :) I think it would be rad to go get our hair done together. But we have to wait till after Justin comes, huh? Cuz you can't be doin' that stuff with my new nephew livin in your belly :)

*Lindsey* said...

No, I always get my hair done when I'm prego. The boxed hair color has a much stronget smell than the powedered bleach she uses. Actually, I dont even know if it smells at all?

Sara said...

Wow...that's a lot of hair action. If I did what you did, given my fine hair, I would have NO HAIR left:~)

Unfortunately, I'm at the age where there is no choice about to color or not to color. If I don't color, nature does it for me in a not so nice shade of gray.

I must, however, I do admire your daring:~)

Danifer said...

Thanks, Sara! :) Consequently, I ended up going back to brown - just decided I didn't want to be a blond again.

shashibhushantamare-kpsystem said...

nice post and given a lot of joy!

Danifer said...

Thank you for the comment :)