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Monday, August 30, 2010

Keeping The Big, Bad Wolf Away

Now days, it seems like everything we do is done online.  We talk to Grandma in Colorado, we send flowers to our pregnant sister, check our bank balance and pay our bills all via the world wide net.  Sooner or later, a "big, bad wolf" will try to come along and put a damper on your life by hacking into one of your accounts and obtaining access to everything simply by figuring out your password and log in.  

There are several ways that you can protect yourself from this happening to you.  Here are just a few:

1.  Use different user names and passwords for each account.  Could you imagine if someone got a hold of the log in that you use for all of your accounts?  I know, it's tough to remember each log in for each site, that's why I have a spreadsheet with all the information stashed away securely in my home.  If someone breaks in, well, that's a whole other story.....

2.  Change your passwords often.  This should be done every couple months.

3.  Obtain a credit card that you use just for making online purchases.  This way, if that card is compromised, you can shut it down quickly.

4.  Check your credit report often.  This will give you an idea if anyone is using your identity.  There are even some credit reporting companies that offer a free credit report.

5.  Secure your computer with updated virus protection, firewalls and all that "techy" stuff.  You never know when someone is trying to get in....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I recently had a lot to think about and many worries running through my mind.  My husband and I began planning a move from Arizona to Colorado.  The idea behind this move was that we both wanted out of the horrible, Arizona heat and by moving to Colorado, we would be with Dan's family.  

Our timing of this decision was not ideal as school will begin next month.  In order to make the move work, we had so many variables to consider, i.e. jobs, where to live, school for the kids, moving my mom, money, etc.  There were many steps that would need to be taken and so many plans to be made that is was a very overwhelming decision.  I know that people do it all the time, but this was stressful.  On top of everything we had to think about, we had to approach our kid's "other" parents, whom we currently share custody with in Arizona.  Talk about a hard thing to do!

My ex-husband took some time to consider and weight what would be best for our two kids.  Dan's ex-wife literally took four hours and made her decision based, what I believe, was solely on what was best for her.  She said no!  Dan was devastated and put in a position of having to figure out whether moving away from his child was something he could do.  He struggled.  I was still waiting to hear about whether my kids would be able to go and could not even begin to think what I would do if they could not.  Luckily, it did not get that far.

After long talks and stressful feelings, Dan and I came to the decision to stay in Arizona.  I must admit that I was relieved.  Dan was worried I would resent him for not wanting to go through with it, but I was just glad that we made a decision.  I am not one that can stare at a problem and not "do" something about it.  I need action right away.  Don't get me wrong, I do weigh all sides, but I need to see progress and get things either moving or end them.

The tough thing about getting excited over the move was that there was going to be change, lots of it.  I have been craving change for awhile now.  Whether it be change in my job, change in environment, something, I just know I need it!  So, we talked further and decided we would suffer through the heat and find a way to make some changes in our lives that would make us happier people, parents and husband and wife.  And although I am craving change, I am so happy to have most things stay the same.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Funny Movies

I saw a couple funny movies this past month.  

Get Him To The Greek

This movie was so completely funny.  It is raunchy and full of adult humor, so definitely not a movie you want to take the family to.  However, if you get a chance to see it, it's worth the $$ to see.

Grown Ups

Another funny movie that Hollywood seems to spoil when they built the trailer.  All the funny scenes were included in the trailer, so there really wasn't any surprises in this movie.  It was definitely geared toward a male audience as there was lots of "T & A".  Never-the-less, the movie was funny and had a lot of serious spots that everyone can relate to.  Might want to see this at the matinee.  

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Does Russell Crowe Have A Son He Forgot To Tell Us About?

I used to watch the OC and now I watch Benjamin McKenzie in Southland. Today, I saw Russell Crowe in Robinhood and could not believe how much these two guys look alike. I came home and did a Google search to see if I was the only one who thought so and to my surprise, I found this link that had a picture of the two of them. Does Russell have a son he is not telling us about?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Review: Tiburon Restaurant

I recently found out that there was a fairly new restaurant near our home that advertised having a 60,000 gallon shark tank in the middle of the restaurant. Of course, we had to check it out. The restaurant is called Tiburon and it is located inside of the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium in Litchfield Park, AZ.

I went to the website and thought it looked amazing. There was beautiful music playing, gorgeous pictures and a fantastic looking menu. The menu listed many different items to chose from and the price didn't seem half bad. Of course, the more elaborate menu items were more expensive, but they all seemed within reason. I was really looking forward to visiting.

My hubby and I decided to try the restaurant out on a Saturday night in April. Upon arriving, we noticed that the restaurant was located to the east side of the park, and appeared separate from the amusement area. As we entered the building, into the lobby, I was excited and the decor upon entrance seemed like what I expected. Until, we came through the lobby doors.....

To the right, was the "Flamingo Lounge" which looked like nothing more than a bright outdoor cafe (at an amusement park). Immediately in front of me, there were several small fish tanks that seemed a little murky, but had some pretty fish. This is also where the restrooms were located, which, by looks of the ladies room inside, it had not been cleaned for days. To our left, we could see the shark aquarium which was very impressive. The dining area was dimmed and seemed cozy, but definitely not high class by any means. The hostess seemed confused as to where to sit people as she walked back and forth from the dining room to the lobby, without communicating to the waiting guests. Eventually, a host came by and asked us if we wanted to sit next to the aquarium and we of course said, "yes!".

Our view of the tank kept us mesmerized for some time. It was interesting to watch all the different fish and how the sharks reacted to them and visa verse. We were finally greeted by our somewhat "rough around the edges" waitress who just seemed a little too casual for the type of restaurant we "thought" we were coming to. Overall, she was a nice gal, but again, not what we expected.

The menu seemed different than the one online and the prices seemed much higher. We also noticed that they wanted to serve asparagus with EVERYTHING! We chuckled that they must have gotten a good deal from their vendor. We decided against the Duck Tacos (yikes!) and got a couple other items from the menu. I liked my food, although the presentation was a little odd. My husband was not real impressed with the very large, under cooked vegetables that came with his meal.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was very family oriented and seemed like a restaurant attached to an amusement park. I don't mean to be so harsh, what did I expect, right? But, I guess with the prices on the menu and the impression I got from the website, I expected more.

Have any of my Arizona readers been there? What did you think? I am curious if I am being too critical or did they just have an off night?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Diabetes and Icky Fish Oil

So.....I have Diabetes, Type II.

I was diagnosed back in March after having blood work done through my Nurse Practitioner. If you recall, I have been complaining about my weight for awhile now and am carrying about 30 extra pounds than I should. One of the obvious reasons for the diabetes is the weight. But hearing that I have a medical issue that can become quite serious, even life threatening if not taken seriously, really kicked me into gear! Since that call, I have visited a Cardiologist (because of some other potential factors) and I have sat down with my NP and talked about all my options. I began following Weight Watchers online more diligently, trying to exercise a few times a week (although it should be more) and taking medication and vitamins (including yucky fish oil - which I have to take 10, huge, gel caps a day). I am limiting my alcohol intake to one drink a week as well. I also have to prick my finger and use a blood glucose monitor three times a day to start. I must say that when I sat down with my meter and the very long instructions, I was pretty overwhelmed and scared. But now, the process is quite simple and my fingers are getting used to the poke. I am not following the numbers, but my NP wants me to submit my results after two weeks. Then, I should be down to doing it three times a week instead.

I am proud to say that in the last five weeks, I have lost 8.5 pounds!!!!! This is a big deal to me and I am very proud of myself! I see eating differently now, although every now and then I am tested and I do not always do well. But, what is life without temptation - right?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ripping My Heart Out

Last night, I sat with my kids to try to comfort them as they mourned the loss of their Grandpa, Larry. Their Grandpa was a special man who really knew how to make people laugh. He always had a smile on his face and was quite the character. He was a great Grandpa to his grand kids, as he taught them many things, including gardening. My kids grew up around their grandpa and saw him often, so his passing was pretty tough. And although I am no longer considered part of "that" side of the family, I too am mourning the loss of the man who was my second father for over 14 years. And even when things were tense, Larry always knew how to welcome me into his arms for a big, strong, bear hug. This was the first time my kids really had to deal with death of a family member, and to see them hurt so bad, it rips my heart out. I know the best thing is to remember all the good memories and to know that he is in a happy place, watching and protecting everyone. Rest in Peace, Larry.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Love When We All Work Together

During my morning commute, which is very long I might add, I drive with a bunch of idiots! I know, it's a mean thing to say, but it's true. They tailgate, drive with excessive speed, drive too slow, can't stay in their own lane, etc. I know you know who I am talking about. However, there are times that I don't feel this way.

There is a bridge that I drive down, and like anyone traveling down a hill, my car tends to go a little faster. At the end of this bridge, there is a hiding place that our local law enforcement love to sit, and wait for speeders. When I say a hiding place, it really is a hiding place for the traffic going in my direction. I think the cop actually backs himself/herself into this spot so as to not be seen. Luckily, my fellow commuters coming from the other direction can still see the car.

So, every now and then, as I am coasting down the hill, I see a driver flash his/her headlights at me and it reminds me to be careful. When this happens, it restores good feelings about my fellow drivers - I love when we all work together!!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It Happens To The Best Of Us, My Dear

My almost 13 year-old daughter was looking at old pictures of me from when I was much younger and much thinner. She immediately got this real animated voice and said, "Look at my mom, she is so young!" Similar things were said over, and over again throughout the night as if she could not believe I was ever younger than I am now. She acted as if it was sad that I am now so very old. I told her, "It happens to the best of us, my dear. You too will get old!"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where Did Jennie Go?

It happened like a snap in my head. What happened to Jennie? Where did she go? When was she replaced by this boring, fat, depressed woman? I have known for sometime that I have been depressed. I have been allowing myself to wallow and be sad, and all the while trying to not appear so to my friends, family and co-workers.

Depression is a scary thing and can do all sorts of crazy things to your life. Unfortunately, the one thing that it can do, which is make you lose lots of weight, did just the opposite with me. Food has become a sense of entertainment for me, as well as losing myself in television shows and playing endless hours of video games. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with doing those things, in fact, I really enjoy them. But when you prefer to stay home and alienate yourself from any relationships that you have, there is a problem.

One of my biggest issues has been my never-ending struggle with my weight over the last 3 years. The pounds continue to be put on and my will-power gets weaker. I guess I felt that if I weighed a lot, and looked less attractive, that meant I was less of a person. I know that this is wrong, but being a skinny person all my life, loving the attention that the opposite sex always gave me, made it really hard to believe that person was gone. Now, I notice that because of my weight gain, I could possibly have some health issues that come with the weight.

I have always been someone who doesn't ask for help and thinks that she knows herself better than any therapist could. And, when you lose all of your friendships and have no one to talk to any more about issues, I think it's time to seek help.

So, my vow to myself is to seek out a therapist who can help me to be a happier, healthier person, not only for myself but for my family. I know that I am not alone and that others have gotten through this, so I know that there is hope.

Thanks for listening, my blog audience!!