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Friday, March 12, 2010

I Love When We All Work Together

During my morning commute, which is very long I might add, I drive with a bunch of idiots! I know, it's a mean thing to say, but it's true. They tailgate, drive with excessive speed, drive too slow, can't stay in their own lane, etc. I know you know who I am talking about. However, there are times that I don't feel this way.

There is a bridge that I drive down, and like anyone traveling down a hill, my car tends to go a little faster. At the end of this bridge, there is a hiding place that our local law enforcement love to sit, and wait for speeders. When I say a hiding place, it really is a hiding place for the traffic going in my direction. I think the cop actually backs himself/herself into this spot so as to not be seen. Luckily, my fellow commuters coming from the other direction can still see the car.

So, every now and then, as I am coasting down the hill, I see a driver flash his/her headlights at me and it reminds me to be careful. When this happens, it restores good feelings about my fellow drivers - I love when we all work together!!!!!


Jen Bundy said...

r u talking about on Olive near 67th ave? I got a ticket speeding there, no one flashed their lights at me.

Danifer said...

Jen, I totally know where you are talking about and that is a complete speed trap. I used to see the cops lined up waiting to catch someone. One morning there was three motorcycles, one undercover a little ways down and then a patrol car a little more down. I don't take that route anymore since our office moved.

*Lindsey* said...

Oh my gosh!!! this was so my idea...i just never told anyone lol. if u see a cop, flash ur lights 3 times to let on coming traffic know about the copper! Should serioulsy be national news so everyone knows...I guess cops wouldnt have anyone to pay their salaries then, LOL

Danifer said...

Hey sis, I think this has been going around for ages, and in fact, I think you can get in trouble if a cop catches you. YIKES! But it's a great idea and it would totally be worth it!!!!! I think your unique spin of flashing 3 times is awesome.