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Friday, July 9, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I recently had a lot to think about and many worries running through my mind.  My husband and I began planning a move from Arizona to Colorado.  The idea behind this move was that we both wanted out of the horrible, Arizona heat and by moving to Colorado, we would be with Dan's family.  

Our timing of this decision was not ideal as school will begin next month.  In order to make the move work, we had so many variables to consider, i.e. jobs, where to live, school for the kids, moving my mom, money, etc.  There were many steps that would need to be taken and so many plans to be made that is was a very overwhelming decision.  I know that people do it all the time, but this was stressful.  On top of everything we had to think about, we had to approach our kid's "other" parents, whom we currently share custody with in Arizona.  Talk about a hard thing to do!

My ex-husband took some time to consider and weight what would be best for our two kids.  Dan's ex-wife literally took four hours and made her decision based, what I believe, was solely on what was best for her.  She said no!  Dan was devastated and put in a position of having to figure out whether moving away from his child was something he could do.  He struggled.  I was still waiting to hear about whether my kids would be able to go and could not even begin to think what I would do if they could not.  Luckily, it did not get that far.

After long talks and stressful feelings, Dan and I came to the decision to stay in Arizona.  I must admit that I was relieved.  Dan was worried I would resent him for not wanting to go through with it, but I was just glad that we made a decision.  I am not one that can stare at a problem and not "do" something about it.  I need action right away.  Don't get me wrong, I do weigh all sides, but I need to see progress and get things either moving or end them.

The tough thing about getting excited over the move was that there was going to be change, lots of it.  I have been craving change for awhile now.  Whether it be change in my job, change in environment, something, I just know I need it!  So, we talked further and decided we would suffer through the heat and find a way to make some changes in our lives that would make us happier people, parents and husband and wife.  And although I am craving change, I am so happy to have most things stay the same.