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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spiders Going For a Ride

YIKES!  Have you hear about the Yellow Sac Spider scare that recently caused the Mazda car company to recall their cars?

The recall came after there were spider webs found in the vents of the Mazda6 cars.  Some 50,000 cars have been recalled due to the safety concern.  The spiders could weave a web in a vent, which is connected to the fuel tank system and clog the tank's ventilation.  The pressure on the fuel tank could  lead to a crack and fuel leakage.  There have been at least 20 cases in which spider webs have been found in the vents.  The recall involves vehicles with 2.5 liter engines built from April 2008 to February 2010.

Some interesting facts about Yellow Sac Spiders:

  • They have two rows of four eyes each (this is creepy!).
  • Yellow color on the bottom of the abdomen.
  • They like to enter homes and hide behind pictures, along baseboards and ceiling corners.
  • Are one of the most common sources of spider bites.
  • The bite of the spider affects cellular tissue and is usually restricted to the area of the bite.  The initial bite is painless, but symptoms usually develop between 2-8 hours.  The area then becomes painful and swollen.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Are You Ready For A "Hall Pass"?

Went and saw the movie Hall Pass this past weekend with my husband.  I had not laughed that much since seeing "Get Him To The Greek".  This movie was really funny, predictable, but funny!  I liked that there were a lot of parts that relate to real life and that they could make fun of some real serious situations (stalking, infidelity, drug abuse, etc.).

The cast was great, I like Owen Wilson and Christina Applegate - they were funny.  The supporting cast was equally entertaining introducing some unfamiliar actors and actresses.

As I entered the theater, I heard a man, who was seeing the show with a female guest, ask the ticket taker what the movie was about.  I thought, "Really?"  Well, in case you are not aware, it goes something like this:

Middle-aged men are getting bored in their marriages and want to spice things up.  The wives are tired of catching their husband's gawking at other women and feel that they need to let their husbands get it out of their system.  So, the wives give the men a one-week "hall pass" from their marriage.  They can go do whatever (and whomever) they want.  It is not said that the women can do the same thing, but of course, I say, "Hey, if they can play, so can the wives!" and that they do.  The men start to realize that they don't necessarily have the same attraction and stamina they might have had when they were younger.  So, as the week goes by, they are tested and eventually have a few opportunities that don't end up being what they really want after all.  (Go figure, you have something good at home and it takes going out and testing the water to realize this!)  

I think this movie is worth seeing and I will probably view it again when it comes out on DVD.  If you liked "The Hangover" or "Grown-Ups", you will like this.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Starting Up Again

So, it's been awhile and I thought that I would spend some more time blogging.  I apologize to my readers for not being more diligent about writing.  Sometimes life throws us curves and it's tough to handle everything on your plate, let alone find motivation to participate in hobbies.

Here goes....