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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Movie Review - Horrible Bosses

My fourteen-year old daughter and I decided to go see "Horrible Bosses" this weekend.  Since viewing the movie trailers for the last couple of months, I was really excited to see this movie.  The cast, the previews and the story line all appealed to me.  But, leave it to Hollywood to ruin yet another movie by showing too many good parts in their trailer.  I guess I should not use the word "ruin".  This is harsh.  The movie was still funny, entertaining and I am glad I went.  However, I found that all the really funny parts were shown in the previews.

I was a little worried that my daughter may see and hear too much adult "stuff" but I did not find it to be any more embarrassing than watching some television shows with her.  Other than Jennifer Aniston showing some cleavage and wearing lingerie, there was no nudity.

The cast was great!  Justin Bateman, as always, does a great job at playing the "uptight" friend.  Charlie Day stole the show as the "sex offender" who got his title because he urinated, at night, in a playground, next to a bar.  Through the movie, there are several references to this and I feel he was surprisingly funny, for an actor that I had not seen before.   Jason Sudeikis was funny, but I had a hard time believing that he was such the "ladies man" they made him out to be.  Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey and Colin Ferrel were the "Horrible Bosses" and were so believable, I wanted to kill them!  It was awesome seeing hunky Colin Ferrel in such a nerdy role.  Jennifer was such a man-eater and Mr. Spacey always does a good job in whatever he does.  I must also mention Jamie Foxx as Mr. Motherf..... .  He was so funny as the original hitman they hired to wack the bosses.

Overall, this movie is funny and worth seeing.  What did you think?

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