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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Movie Review: The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

Who hasn't seen this movie yet?  Although I did not hang out in two to three day lines to see this movie on opening day, I did see it opening weekend.  My daughter and I have a standing "date" whenever the Twilight movies come out.  I thought it crazy that someone would camp-out in line just to be one of the first to see a movie.  The movie WILL be the same whether you are the first or the last to see it.  I was hoping that by going to a 10:45 PM showing the second night out it would not be as busy, but the theater was packed!

This fourth installment of the Twilight series is actually a two-parter.  First there was Twilight, then New Moon, and then EclipseBreaking Dawn is part one of two.  The second part will hopefully come out next year at this time.  Breaking Dawn is the last book about the "Twilight" crew written by Stephenie Meyer.  Interesting fact: Stephenie wrote a draft story, which was illegally leaked to the public, called Midnight Sun.  This story is from Edward's perspective.  Who knows, maybe the Twilight series will take a whole new turn when all is said and done.  I know that readers and viewers would be excited to see more about the characters that they have grown to love (and hate).

The movie was good.  It was very serious in many parts and seemed a bit slow.  The movie experience always varies based on the audience you are seeing it with.  Ours seemed to be a bunch of younger people (go figure) and the giggling teens seemed to be talking and laughing in some parts that just did not seem necessary.  It made my viewing somewhat of a negative experience.  However, I know that should not effect my opinion of the movie, but because of this, it made the movie seem slow and drawn out.   

Here is a spoiler of the movie (don't read if you don't want to know): Bella and Edward have their "worries" prior to their wedding.  Jacob gets an invitation to their wedding and storms off into hiding.  Edward and Bella have a beautiful ceremony (outdoors - weeping willow trees are strategically placed to keep the sunlight from being too strong).   Jacob misses the wedding but he does, however, make an appearance at the reception.  The closeness that he and Bella have during their dance allows the viewer to see the love that they both share, even though she just married Edward.

It is decided that they will consummate their wedding before Bella is turned.  This seems to be a big topic of discussion among the Quileute tribe.  They are not happy about this and Jacob lets everyone know.  Personally, I would be embarrassed if everyone knew I was getting ready to finally have sex with my boyfriend for the first time.  But, it was all anyone talked about in this part of the movie.

The honeymoon is taken on a beautiful, secluded island.  Bella and Edward are nervous for their night of passion and the next morning it appears they had a rough previous night.  But, everyone survived and the couple seemed more in love than ever.  They spent time frolicking and enjoying one another's company as they played Chess, swam, made love, etc.  

It appears that several days pass when Bella realizes she has missed her period.  She immediately feels like she is pregnant and begins the appearance of being pregnant.  They fear that the baby will be a demon and this is confirmed by an Indian woman on the island.  Bella and Edward rush home to be with the Cullens.  As Bella's pregnancy continues at a fast pace, she begins to love the baby as it is quickly ruining her health.  Her appearance starts to wither and her cheeks become hollow.  She really looks horrible.  The family feels that they should terminate the baby, but Bella insists on delivering.  In the meantime, the Quileute tribe finds out she is having a demon baby and they decide they must kill it and possibly Bella.  Jacob turns against the tribe (with some help from two of his tribe mates) and attempts to save the unborn baby.

Bella goes into labor and as the baby is born, they realize it is a healthy, baby girl.  Unfortunately, Bella seems to be slipping away and as she is going, Edward begins trying to "change" her by biting her all over.  It appears that Bella is gone.  

Jacob realizes that the baby will soon be killed, because he cannot save her from his tribe.  He goes into the house and sees the baby, who they named, Renesmee, all cleaned up and in the arms of Rosalie. Renesmee and Jacob's eyes lock and at that moment he "imprints" on her.  Visions of Renesmee growing up to be a beautiful woman play and at that moment Jacob knows that he will spend his life protecting her and he knows the feeling of "imprinting" someone.  Because of this action, his tribe can not ever harm Renesmee.  

There are some fight scenes that I have left out between the tribe and the Cullens, you will have to watch them, they are pretty good.

Finally, the movie ends with Bella on the table, obviously dead.  After moments pass, she suddenly opens her eyes and they are blood red!  (end movie)

Okay, now you know how I felt about the movie.  What did you think of The Twighlight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

No folks, this movie is NOT real!!!! I know, it seems like it might be, but it's not.  My 14-year old daughter begs to differ though.  I had to assure her it wasn't and explained that I have even seen some of the actors in other things, i.e. Lauren Bittner (Julie) was in Bride Wars and Law & Order.  Chloe Csengery (Young Katie) is in the series Up All Night.  The cast is full of un-famous actors and actresses.  But, they do play their parts well and that's what makes this movie believable to many.

This third installment of the series was definitely the best yet.  I remember seeing the first one at the theater and walking out half way through.  It was terrible and not scary at all.  I later saw the second one and thought it was a little better and that maybe I should watch the first one again.  

Unlike most sequels/prequels in Hollywood, the third Paranormal Activity was the best.  It had lots of "jump out and get ya" moments that we all expect and love from a scary movie.  The fact that it appears to be reality makes it even more scary.

I did find it hard to keep track of what was going on at the beginning of the movie. This was one of those "prequels" that shows you the beginning of a series after you have already watched the ending.  My mind is just too analytical to allow them to completely make sense.  I am always second guessing things and questioning events.

Overall, this movie was worth the $10 I paid (actually, I paid $30 because I took my daughter and her friend).  *Wow, movies are expensive - sigh!* Because we saw it in a theater, we got to experience the crowd reaction at all the right moments.  I imagine you could have an eventful viewing at home and perhaps be prepared for those scary moments by really scaring someone who hasn't seen it yet - lol.

What did you think?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Are you Happy?

I thought I would share.  I do not have permission to use this photo, and I can't tell who I would get it from.  However, I thought that it was straight, and to the point. 

Make sense to you?

  Happy 11/11/11 &
Veteran's Day.