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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

No folks, this movie is NOT real!!!! I know, it seems like it might be, but it's not.  My 14-year old daughter begs to differ though.  I had to assure her it wasn't and explained that I have even seen some of the actors in other things, i.e. Lauren Bittner (Julie) was in Bride Wars and Law & Order.  Chloe Csengery (Young Katie) is in the series Up All Night.  The cast is full of un-famous actors and actresses.  But, they do play their parts well and that's what makes this movie believable to many.

This third installment of the series was definitely the best yet.  I remember seeing the first one at the theater and walking out half way through.  It was terrible and not scary at all.  I later saw the second one and thought it was a little better and that maybe I should watch the first one again.  

Unlike most sequels/prequels in Hollywood, the third Paranormal Activity was the best.  It had lots of "jump out and get ya" moments that we all expect and love from a scary movie.  The fact that it appears to be reality makes it even more scary.

I did find it hard to keep track of what was going on at the beginning of the movie. This was one of those "prequels" that shows you the beginning of a series after you have already watched the ending.  My mind is just too analytical to allow them to completely make sense.  I am always second guessing things and questioning events.

Overall, this movie was worth the $10 I paid (actually, I paid $30 because I took my daughter and her friend).  *Wow, movies are expensive - sigh!* Because we saw it in a theater, we got to experience the crowd reaction at all the right moments.  I imagine you could have an eventful viewing at home and perhaps be prepared for those scary moments by really scaring someone who hasn't seen it yet - lol.

What did you think?

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