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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's been a little crazy.  It's been pretty hectic.  It's time to jump back in to my blog.  After getting a new job in retail management and going through a home relocation, I can finally catch my breath a little.

Thanks for hanging in there and being so patient.  I will have a new story and more entertainment news/reviews soon.

Stay tuned!!! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: The Week The Women Went

Have you watched the new Tuesday night, Lifetime reality series, The Week The Women Went?  I have and I think the concept is a GREAT idea.

Lifetime is following the town of Yemassee, South Carolina as they participate in a daring social experiment.  For one week, all of the women, 18 years old and up, will leave the small town and go to a remote location, one which they don't even know about ahead of time.  The thought is that with all of the women gone, the men and children will need to see if they can perform daily tasks and survive without their "women" to take care of them.

The first episode, very dramatically, shows all of the women in town, walking for what seemed like miles, lugging suit cases behind them down a long road.  It was eerie the way they did this.  It almost reminded me of what I imagine the old leper colonies did back in the middle ages.  Although the women are leaving their loved ones behind, most seemed very excited to get away and have "me" time.  And "me" time was exactly what they got as they all left town on a train and later arrived at a beautiful, tropical resort.  It seems all they will have to worry about is which bathing suit to wear and how many fruity drinks they can consume.  However, get a bunch of women together for a long (or even short) period of time and you can only imagine what kind of drama will prevail. 

Yemassee is a small community where everyone knows everyone.  Many of the women featured run businesses and families which will be left behind for their spouses and teen-age children to maintain and run.  From full-time working dads of twins to a 21-year old fire chief who will miss his mom (who hasn't cut the apron strings) and new fiance, there are many challenges ahead for these families.  I found it amusing that several of the dads of young children decided to move in together while the women were gone.  They figured they would do better handling the kids as a team.  Also, a 24-year old Marine is now responsible for his 31-year old girlfriend's teen-age daughters and tween son.  Boy, do they take advantage of him.  His girlfriend is pretty hot, but she may not be hot enough to keep him after all of this.  And who can forget the 4-year old "grown-up" little girl, Ellie Kate, who demands her coffee every morning.  Wow, is she a character.  It will be interesting to see how her dad copes with her precociousness.  This is also the dad who has been put in charge of coordinating a kid's beauty pageant while the women are gone. 

I look forward to watching this series and I hope you get a chance to watch it too!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update To Top Entertainment News

I have updated the "Top Entertainment News" section at the bottom of my blog.  Please check out all the recent happenings in Hollywood!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Procrastination - Should I do that now?

Procrastinate? Who me? Never!!!!

I found this cute chart and had to share it.  It's too funny.

I know we all do it.  I don't think there is anyone around who doesn't.  I seem to do more of it lately, now that I am only working part-time.  When I am not at work, there are a multitude of projects around the house that I should be getting done, but I would much rather do it later.

Things I do to procrastinate:

1. Jump on the computer and visit: Facebook, 2 different email accounts, play Farmville, browse through Pintrest, check out my blog, or download music.

2. Grab my Ipad and play any number of games that are awaiting my turn.  

3. Watch one of the many shows I have DVR'd.

4. Nap.

5. See what the kids are doing.

You get the point.....

How about you?  What do you do to procrastinate?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Social Media & How We Lost Our Communication Skills

Being in the food service industry has introduced me to a different interaction with people.

When I was sitting behind a desk, in a professional environment, I used the computer to type documents, prepare presentations and converse over email.  I used the telephone to answer questions, have conversations and get information.  I went to meetings to talk and listen to people face-to-face and I actually had real relationships with the people who came into my office to sit down and chat.

Now that I am working with the public in a more relaxed, casual environment, I see who is out there and that most people just don't have the desire to have conversations or even look up from their telephones.  I don't know how many times I approach a table and greet them with a "Hi, how are you today?" only to get them request a water with lemon without even looking me in the eyes.  They are too busy texting or playing games on their phones.  In fact, I waited on one table that consisted of a mother, father and two tweens and every single one of them was playing on their phone at the table.  Come on!!!!  

What is this world coming to when we can't even use our voices or have meaningful conversations with someone anymore?  We rely so much on technology and I only imagine it getting worse in the future.  Don't get me wrong, I love technology and use it on a daily basis.  It does seem that the younger generation (pre-teens, teens, young adults) are not the only culprits, many people in their 40's are teaching this kind of social trend.

I must say, lots of other servers don't like to wait on the "older generation" but I really love it.  These are the people who are grandparents and great grandparents.  They have been around in a world without all of the social media and probably have no desire to ever learn about it.  They have real talks and real stories that they will share with you whenever they feel like it.  They genuinely care when they await your response to "How are you today?"

I had a conversation with my daughter about social media recently and how kids her age are using it to express all of their feelings to the world instead of talking to their parents, writing poetry or even calling up a friend (as I did when I was her age).  If teens have a problem with someones actions, they take to the Internet or texting to express their feelings instead of going straight to the person and just talking things out.  This leads to so much confusion and many more people's involvement.  I guess I can't limit this behaviour to just teens, I know plenty of marriages that have unfolded over the Internet and Facebook.  It's put right out there for all of us to be a part of and to react to.   

One of the biggest problems I see (and there are many) is that when you rely on written word to get your point across, there is no reflection to hear and no guarantee all of your words will be taken the way that you mean them.  Texts can get lost, sarcasm can be detected (or not detected) and cap locks can accidentally be used when we are not even upset.  Why not just pick up the phone or go hang out and talk things through?

Okay, I am done venting and I am going to step off of my soap box.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Influenster Mom Vox Box Has Arrived

I received these free items from Influenster and all I have to do is try them out and tell people about them.  Stay tuned for my reviews of the products.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good-bye CSI Miami

In case you haven't heard, after 10 seasons, CSI Miami has come to a close.  The show was reduced to 19 final episodes so that they could introduce a new spin-off, which was then in turn cancelled. 

I must say that I have seen every CSI Miami and LV episodes made, mainly thanks to Netflix.  Netflix is a great tool for watching old television episodes, you know, the ones you missed when they were on tv?  I have spent many hours catching up on whole seasons and I have really enjoyed watching the creative stories that the CSI Miami writers have come up with over the years.

I wrote a review back in 2008 for Netflix, I thought I would share it with you:

I like CSI Miami. I really do. The beautiful people (all wearing skimpy, revealing clothes), the bright colors and most of the cast are all things I like about the show. The content is interesting and they try really hard not to show the same story plot twice. But let's face it, between CSI Miami, Las Vegas and New York, it's hard to not duplicate. The thing I am noticing most is the way the lead character, played by David Caruso, has become very predictable. At the beginning of the show, he is almost always outside, at the scene of the crime, and makes a witty remark (which really is not witty). He then puts on his sunglasses and they pan to the opening credits. He is also all about using his soft-spoken voice for dramatic purposes. This ends up being annoying. Lastly, for being the lead character, he rarely has much of a speaking part and when he does, it always seems to be the same in every episode. Another character who is becoming annoying is the medical examiner. Her compassion for the victims is becoming a little overwhelming. She continuously calls them "baby" and acts as if she is personally touched by each corpse. I would think if your job made you so sad all the time, you would get another. All in all, the show is good and I would recommend it for one of those times when you want to watch some shows, but don't want to commit to a movie.

Four years later, to add to this, I will say that someone must have heard me, because Caruso's character stopped being as annoying and the medical examiner DID find another job (lol).  

If you have the chance to watch this series, you should.  Not only has it won many awards over the years for Outstanding Stunt Coordination, Outstanding Cinematography and Outstanding Actors/Actresses, it's a good way to spend a day lounging around the house.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Kardashians Meet Oprah

What?  You don't know who the Kardashians are?  You must be living under a rock.

For those of you who do, I thought I would take a minute and write about the recent interview that Oprah Winfrey had with the "famous" (believe it or not, they don't like to be referred as famous) family.  

On the OWN channel, Oprah recently visited the Kardashia/Jenner home for a big "production" interview.  They showed some behind the scenes preparation and the family actually seemed excited to meet Oprah.  It's hard for me to believe that this was supposed to be the first time they all ever met.  Hollywood is not that big that these people haven't ran into each other at least once before.

The interviews take place over a couple different episodes of the show, the first has already been aired and the other will be following soon.

In the first show, Oprah interviewed all of the Kardashian siblings: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert.  She asked them about their lives and how they felt about being in the spotlight and asked them how they felt being managed by their mom.  There were many times that Oprah asked questions she felt America was wanting to know such as, "Do you feel your mom is "pimping" you out?"  "Are you famous for being famous", etc.  These questions seem to irritate the family just a little bit.

Next, Oprah interviewed momma Kardashian, Kris Jenner.  This interview seemed really uncomfortable and was staged around the kitchen table, with baskets of lemons and limes bringing more life to the scene than the actual interview.  I did notice that in all of the interviews, the family had much more to say and they were cut off by Oprah, I mean, after all, they only had so much time and have to edit the stuff that's not so important.

Last, Kim Kardashian was interviewed.  I must say, Kim knows how to interview.  She answered everything very well and seemed "well rehearsed" with her come-backs.  I am not doubting her sincerity, I really believe that Kim is just a normal human being living in and craving the limelight.  She was asked about her infamous "sex tape" and her second, short-lived marriage and how she felt about them.  Her answers to those questions made me think that maybe the Kardashians are more down-to-earth than I had believed.

I will continue to watch all of the Kardashian series of TV shows and I will definitely not miss Oprah's second interview with the family.  I might even read Kris's book, sounds like it might be pretty juicy.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Boats Can Tip, So Can You!

"Boats Can Tip, So Can You!"

"Tipping: It Isn't Just For Cows!"

"Bad Tippers Are Bad Lovers!"

As I begin my new journey as a "40 year-old waitress", I recall the frustrations I had as a "20 year-old waitress".

Many people simply do not know how to tip.  Seriously, it's not rocket science! 

Here are 10 reasons people don't tip or don't tip enough:

1. Too preoccupied to pay attention to their server or the job that they did.


3. Didn't plan to go to a "sit-down" restaurant and "have" to tip.

4. Bad service

5. Forgot wallet

6. Thought the other person was going to tip

7. They have not been out to dinner in 40 years and think that a quarter can buy something.

8. CHEAP (sorry, did I already say that?)

9. They thought the tip was included in the meal.

10.  The women being waited on did not like the waitress/waiter's hair, shoes, make-up, cologne, etc.....

Okay, just so we are clear, out of the 10 reasons, number 4 should be the ONLY time you don't tip or leave a small tip.  If you got crappy service, they don't deserve to get paid - I am fine with that.  But everything else is not an excuse.  

Here is some insight:

1.  Servers work for less than minimum wage.  For example, in the state of Arizona, minimum wage is $7.65 an hour.  For servers, depending on where they work, they can make as little as $4 and some change.  If you are not tipping them, they are barely making any money.  Would you bust your butt serving others for that little?

2.  Servers have to tip out too.  Customers don't additionally tip the bussers, cocktail waitresses or bartenders (since the server is who they are getting everything from).  So when you are just leaving a couple bucks on a big tab, the likely hood is that the tip is going to someone else.

3.  Restaurants split their tables into "sections" so that each server has a certain amount of tables in a certain section.  If you walk by empty tables and wonder why you can't sit there, it's because there is no server available for that section.

4.  Some restaurants limit the sections to 3 tables for each server.  This is done so that more attention can be given to each customer.

5.  A server's average shift is 3 1/2 to 4 hours total for waiting on tables.  They only make tips during those times and when their tables are sat.  If you sit at their table for a long period of time, you are taking away their opportunity to make money.  We want you to have a pleasant experience, so as long as you leave a decent tip, we are cool with it.

6.  Most smartphones have wonderful and helpful applications that will tell you the amount to leave on a tab.  QuickTip is a free app and will help you calculate everything based on the amount of people in your party, the percentage you wish to leave, total of the bill, etc.

7.  Speaking of percentages, if you don't have a handy, dandy application to help you figure this out, simply double the tax on your bill.  This is a quick way to figure approximately an 18% gratuity.  Breakfast and lunch gratuity is usually figured, for average service, to be about 18%.  Dinner starts at 20% for an average dining experience.  

8.  If your server was friendly, helpful, brought your food out when they were supposed to, checked back with you, kept your drinks filled and added a positive to your experience, let them know.  Although they can't pay their bills with your praise, telling a manager about your great service is a wonderful way to help that server get promotions or accolades.

9.  If you have a large party, expect to tip more than usual.  Large tables are a lot of work, especially when it comes to getting all those orders out together.  

10.  Lastly, please be pleasant and acknowledge your server when they come to your table.  They are there to help you and take your order - this is why you came - to get what you want.  If you are not ready to order for awhile, let them know.  Don't get mad it you have to flag your server down to finally order.  They are trying not to rush you. 

I hope this lesson in "tipping" has helped.  Please feel free to comment.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Check out the Blog-Hop I am participating in.  I can't believe how many bloggers are out there.  Have fun hopping!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Shout Out!

I want to give a shout out to an up-and-coming beauty/fashion blogger, Breezydona, of the Beauty Blogger .  Please check out this blog for the latest DIY fashion items, beauty tips/secrets and lots more.  On top of the great blog, Breezydona also has a Youtube channel Breezydona .

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Great Video - 23 and 1/2 Hours: What is the Single Best Thing We Can Do For Our Health?

I came across a video by Dr. Mike Evans.  This is a really great video that is informative and entertaining.  The illustrations are awesome to watch (done by Liisa Sorsa).  The video talks about how important it is to "be active".  Take 10 minutes to watch this - it could change your life!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Introducing Some New Blogs

I have been updating my blog a bit and I have done some cleaning out of links, etc.  

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce several blogs that I have been following.  When you get some time, head over and check them out.
These blogs can also be found over on my side bar (under, Check Out These Blogs I Follow) along with some other awesome blogs I follow.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Las Vegas, NV Pictures From Our Trip

I thought I would include some pictures that were taken during our wedding trip to Las Vegas, NV this past month.  These pictures were taken by our Niece, Rebecca (she takes AWESOME pictures).  Enjoy!

This one was taken by my husband, Daniel!

And these couple were taken by my son, Colton on his flip phone.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Wedding (February 19, 2012)

Our Wedding - February 19, 2012

For those of you who know, Daniel and I have been together for about 8 years.  We both were previously married and we have children from those marriages.  We have lived together for just about all of those 8 years, so in our eyes, we were married.  Daniel proposed to me many years back, and I was just too chicken to commit to an "official" marriage again. 

On Friday, February 17th at 3:00 PM, I decided I was finally ready to get married to my love, my life, Daniel.  So, in true Jenn fashion, I blurted this out to Daniel, who had just gotten home from work.  We immediately started trying to figure out how we were going to make it work.  With Monday being a holiday, all three of the kids would be out of school and Dan and I could take the day off.  His parents happen to be in AZ for awhile (from CO) so we contacted them to see if they would be able to get away with us and then I called my mom.  Everyone was excited and felt I was a little crazy because in an instant, I had become Bridezilla.

I would like to say our wedding was like the picture above, which would have been my ideal wedding.  But, when you have 3 kids, in-laws, family, dogs, a limited budget, travel and only 24 hours to plan, things are not so picture perfect - lol.

Between 3PM to approximately 12AM, I was in a race to find 3 hotel rooms in Vegas, a wedding chapel, someone to feed our dogs while we were away, find a dress, rings, kids clothes, etc.  I was feeling the stress!

After a few hours of sleep, Daniel and I rushed to Khol's Department Store during their hour of savings promotion and looked for rings and clothes.  After much consideration, we finally found the rings for our wedding.  I must interject in Daniel's defense, we found HIS ring immediately, all the rest of the time, I was being particular about mine - of course, I am the bride *wink*.  My fingers were completely swollen from trying on rings (and the Redbull I woke up to) so I was glad to have made a decision.  Next, we were onto finding shirts for the boys and Daniel.  This was a pretty simple process so out the door we went.

We ran a few quick errands and home to get packed and get everyone ready. 

We set out for Vegas at 10:00 am, right on time (surprising, I know).  We had a stop along the way to get some ice cream, which made the kids very happy.  With two 11 year-old boys and a 15 year-old daughter crammed into the backseat of my Corolla, I must say that the kids did really well.

By now, we had 3 rooms booked at Arizona Charlie's Decatur, a chapel booked at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel, his sister and her daughter getting on a plane to fly out from CO, his parents and my mom getting ready to head to NV.  Everything seemed to be coming together, all that was left was getting our marriage license and to find a dress for me.

Daniel's son has been to Vegas several times, but my kids had not ever been there, so when we arrived during the day, they were not impressed.  They had expected it to look as it does in the movies, with lights and glitter, etc.  Instead, it just looked like Phoenix.  We explained that they would change their minds at night, and sure enough, they did.

We ran some errands while the rooms were being upgraded for us (no charge I might add) and ate a little snack. One of our errands was to get our license.  As we walked up the steps to the court house, we were bombarded by, what felt like, the paparazzi.  Instead of flash bulbs and cameras, we were rushed by photographers, dress rental companies, chapel personnel, limo drivers galore.  Everyone wanted our business and it was REALLY irritating.  We finally got inside the building and quickly got our certificate.  Upon leaving, we had to endure the "crowd" one more time.

Back at the hotel, in our rooms, finally!  Daniel had to go to the airport to pick up his family and by then, our parents had arrived.  A little later, the 10 of us hit the strip in search of, what you might ask?  I wish I could tell you, but I did not know.  There were no agendas that evening other than those of each individual.  Some were the same as others, some were different.  The once Bridezilla that I was had been replaced with the follower of the crowd instead of the leader of the crowd.  In retrospect, Daniel and I should have handled the plans of the weekend a little different, insisting that everyone do their own thing (except our kids) and that we would meet up with everyone at the chapel.  Since there were only two cars in our group of 10, this made that difficult.  

We started out at the MGM and ended up at New York, NY.  The group wanted to ride the roller coaster, which they did.  A few of us stayed in the arcade while the boys played games.  My stomach was too nervous to attempt the coaster, but to my surprise, my mom road it.  After that adventure, we had to find a place for the 10 of us to eat. 

Finding a dress was the only thing on my mind at this time.  I didn't want to outshine Daniel, who would be wearing black slacks and a blue, button up dress shirt.  But I wanted to be beautiful and elegant.  Being 40 pounds overweight, I knew this would be difficult.  The longer I put off finding a dress, the more stressed I became.

After dinner, my mom stayed behind at a casino since walking the strip was not her cup of tea.  I wish at that moment I would have made my own decisions about the rest of the night and finding a dress, but instead, I set off walking with the group.  As it turned out, there was a giant, 3-story Ross store on the other side of the street so I was happy that I would get to go look for my dress there.  As we continued our walk, we found out that the group was heading to the Bellagio to watch the water show.  Along the way, while steering our 11 and 15 year-olds through the crowd, we were trampling over gobs of pornography littering the streets and being handed to passers by.  The boys were enjoying the scenery I think - lol.

After the show, we crossed to the other side of the street.  At 11:00 PM, we got to the front doors of Ross only to find that they had just closed.  No dress for me!  Back to the car we go.

Sunday morning my mom, my daughter, Sedona and I headed out to find a dress.  Daniel, the boys and the others ate and went back to the strip.  Our wedding was scheduled for 2:00 PM.

I knew that there was a mall called The Fashion Show not far from where we were staying, but getting gas put into the car was first priority.  Using my handy-dandy GPS app on my Iphone was not as reliable as it usually was in Arizona.  After trying to find a gas station for nearly 15 minutes, we came upon a AM/PM and filled er' up.  We got to the mall (surprisingly) fairly quick and determined that it would not be open until 11:00 AM - this was cutting it close.  We got some breakfast and while Sedona and my mom did some of their own shopping, I ran through the mall trying to find any stores that were opening early.  I went into Macy's at 11 AM and found their gown section.  I gathered many and took them into the dressing room.  

What I had in my mind for a dress, what I found and how they looked on me were all different things.  My anxiety (and maybe the burrito  I had for breakfast) were all taking effect on me.  The clock was ticking and I was not happy.  I tried using my cell phone to call Sedona and my mom, but there was no service in the stinking mall!  Tears were forming, I was panicking and not finding anything that looked good.  I left Macy's and found my family.  I began to cry and was comforted by my mom.  I explained everything I had just been through and that for the price I was going to pay for something that I was not completely happy with, I might as well wear the back-up outfit that I had brought for "just in case".  We agreed and headed off to find some hose to go with the black skirt and pretty blue top I had waiting back at the hotel.  A vendor along the way stated that I had bags under my eyes (no shit!), no sleep, stress and day-old makeup will do that to you.  We passed by a Bare Minerals store and got the brilliant idea to get a quick (40 minute) make-over.  All the while I am looking at the clock, panicking and trying to hold back tears (still had to find those hose too!).  After my make-over (which was beautiful, I must say), we finally found the hose and headed to the car.  The time was now about 12:45 and I wanted to be at the chapel by 1:30 - this was NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  

Getting back to the hotel was fairly quick, it did not hurt that I was breaking the land speed record.  In route, we received a few calls from our group, informing us that we were going to be late - REALLY?  We imagined them all thinking that we were just lolly-gagging around - if they had only known all that we had been through!  We parked the car and ran to the hotel (literally) and up to our floor.  As we got out of the elevator (at about 1:30), our whole group, was sitting in the lobby with angry and disappointed looks on their faces.  This is what "we" saw, but they swear that is not the case. 

In the room, I am crying and trying to quickly get into my outfit.  Daniel came into the room and tried to calm me down.  He stated that he pushed back the wedding (for an additional fee) and that everything would be alright.  This man had amazing patience - my husband to be.  He assisted me in getting my uncooperative blouse on, which alone was comical.

Where were my shoes????  Oh, no!  I had forgotten my shoes!  I NEVER forget anything, so I could not believe this and wasted time trying to find them.  We determined that the shoes were not there and that we would need to stop at a store to get some.  Great!  More time wasted.  Forget about doing something pretty with my hair - but at least I had make-up on.

We arrived at the chapel, which was lovely.  The ceremony was quick but memorable.   The pastor quoted 1 Corinthians 13:4 ( Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud) which happens to be one of my favorite verses.  After, we took pictures, inside and outside.  It was a windy day, so this posed some challenges for the photographer and my hair.  

Later, we all went to dinner, gambling and bowling.  It was an AWESOME day and I was so relieved that the stress was over.

We have wonderful memories from our experience and although it was stressful, my loving, patient husband and I got through it TOGETHER and we were so glad we were able to share it with some of our loved ones.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Vow - It Get's It's Own Post

What a good movie this was!  

I had been looking forward to seeing this.  Not only because of the beautiful and great actors in the movie (Racheal McAdams & Channing Tatum) but because it was a love story.  Who DOESN'T love a good romance???

Boy meets girl.  Boy and girl fall in love.  They get married and have many good times and memories.  Boy shows his love for girl through out the movie and makes YOU fall in love with him (not to mention the nude scene - wink/wink).  Boy and girl get in a car accident.  Girl suffers memory loss of her last 5 years of being married to boy.  Next comes all of the laughter, tears, heartbreak, disappointment and so on when the two try to get back what they lost.

I give it a 4.5 stars!!! Go see it with someone you love.

Movie Weekend

We went and saw Chronicle this weekend.  The trailer for the movie was done very good and made the movie look like something we would like to see.  Of course, the trailer always shows too much of the movie, but I figured that would be okay this time since the story for the movie was not too detailed in the trailer.

The movie is about these three high school boys who go down a hole one night and end up having special powers later.  However, the main story line is about one of the boys and his home life and it sets a mood for what kind of character he later becomes.  

There were a few things I did not like about this movie.  The first one was that most of the movie was like the Blair Witch project and that the main character did everything from behind a video camera.  So this made the movie seem like a home movie.  Secondly, there just did not seem to have much "meat" to the movie.  Sure, there was some action at the end as the character flew around and battled, but it just didn't have a lot to offer. 

The two best parts of the movie were watching the pranks that the boys pulled on people using their special powers.  The second part was how the bad guy ends up dying in the end (oops, did I spoil it?).  Not likely....

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Playing With My New IPad

This a quick note to say hi to my readers. I am busy playing with my new IPad and thought I would try out the mobile post feature for BLOGGER. Any new toys for you this year?

Update to Top Entertainment

I have updated the "Top Entertainment News" section at the bottom of my blog.  Please check out all the recent happenings in Hollywood!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

R.I.P. Ben Breedlove

R.I.P. Ben Breedlove

My 14-year old daughter follows many film makers on  One of her favorites, Ben Breedlove, passed away recently.  My daughter was very sad and his videos went viral after his passing.  I was not familiar with him until I watched his last two videos and when I did, I was touched by this young man's courage.  I am attaching the videos from

Part 1: 

Part 2: