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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Boats Can Tip, So Can You!

"Boats Can Tip, So Can You!"

"Tipping: It Isn't Just For Cows!"

"Bad Tippers Are Bad Lovers!"

As I begin my new journey as a "40 year-old waitress", I recall the frustrations I had as a "20 year-old waitress".

Many people simply do not know how to tip.  Seriously, it's not rocket science! 

Here are 10 reasons people don't tip or don't tip enough:

1. Too preoccupied to pay attention to their server or the job that they did.


3. Didn't plan to go to a "sit-down" restaurant and "have" to tip.

4. Bad service

5. Forgot wallet

6. Thought the other person was going to tip

7. They have not been out to dinner in 40 years and think that a quarter can buy something.

8. CHEAP (sorry, did I already say that?)

9. They thought the tip was included in the meal.

10.  The women being waited on did not like the waitress/waiter's hair, shoes, make-up, cologne, etc.....

Okay, just so we are clear, out of the 10 reasons, number 4 should be the ONLY time you don't tip or leave a small tip.  If you got crappy service, they don't deserve to get paid - I am fine with that.  But everything else is not an excuse.  

Here is some insight:

1.  Servers work for less than minimum wage.  For example, in the state of Arizona, minimum wage is $7.65 an hour.  For servers, depending on where they work, they can make as little as $4 and some change.  If you are not tipping them, they are barely making any money.  Would you bust your butt serving others for that little?

2.  Servers have to tip out too.  Customers don't additionally tip the bussers, cocktail waitresses or bartenders (since the server is who they are getting everything from).  So when you are just leaving a couple bucks on a big tab, the likely hood is that the tip is going to someone else.

3.  Restaurants split their tables into "sections" so that each server has a certain amount of tables in a certain section.  If you walk by empty tables and wonder why you can't sit there, it's because there is no server available for that section.

4.  Some restaurants limit the sections to 3 tables for each server.  This is done so that more attention can be given to each customer.

5.  A server's average shift is 3 1/2 to 4 hours total for waiting on tables.  They only make tips during those times and when their tables are sat.  If you sit at their table for a long period of time, you are taking away their opportunity to make money.  We want you to have a pleasant experience, so as long as you leave a decent tip, we are cool with it.

6.  Most smartphones have wonderful and helpful applications that will tell you the amount to leave on a tab.  QuickTip is a free app and will help you calculate everything based on the amount of people in your party, the percentage you wish to leave, total of the bill, etc.

7.  Speaking of percentages, if you don't have a handy, dandy application to help you figure this out, simply double the tax on your bill.  This is a quick way to figure approximately an 18% gratuity.  Breakfast and lunch gratuity is usually figured, for average service, to be about 18%.  Dinner starts at 20% for an average dining experience.  

8.  If your server was friendly, helpful, brought your food out when they were supposed to, checked back with you, kept your drinks filled and added a positive to your experience, let them know.  Although they can't pay their bills with your praise, telling a manager about your great service is a wonderful way to help that server get promotions or accolades.

9.  If you have a large party, expect to tip more than usual.  Large tables are a lot of work, especially when it comes to getting all those orders out together.  

10.  Lastly, please be pleasant and acknowledge your server when they come to your table.  They are there to help you and take your order - this is why you came - to get what you want.  If you are not ready to order for awhile, let them know.  Don't get mad it you have to flag your server down to finally order.  They are trying not to rush you. 

I hope this lesson in "tipping" has helped.  Please feel free to comment.


Monday, April 23, 2012

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