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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good-bye CSI Miami

In case you haven't heard, after 10 seasons, CSI Miami has come to a close.  The show was reduced to 19 final episodes so that they could introduce a new spin-off, which was then in turn cancelled. 

I must say that I have seen every CSI Miami and LV episodes made, mainly thanks to Netflix.  Netflix is a great tool for watching old television episodes, you know, the ones you missed when they were on tv?  I have spent many hours catching up on whole seasons and I have really enjoyed watching the creative stories that the CSI Miami writers have come up with over the years.

I wrote a review back in 2008 for Netflix, I thought I would share it with you:

I like CSI Miami. I really do. The beautiful people (all wearing skimpy, revealing clothes), the bright colors and most of the cast are all things I like about the show. The content is interesting and they try really hard not to show the same story plot twice. But let's face it, between CSI Miami, Las Vegas and New York, it's hard to not duplicate. The thing I am noticing most is the way the lead character, played by David Caruso, has become very predictable. At the beginning of the show, he is almost always outside, at the scene of the crime, and makes a witty remark (which really is not witty). He then puts on his sunglasses and they pan to the opening credits. He is also all about using his soft-spoken voice for dramatic purposes. This ends up being annoying. Lastly, for being the lead character, he rarely has much of a speaking part and when he does, it always seems to be the same in every episode. Another character who is becoming annoying is the medical examiner. Her compassion for the victims is becoming a little overwhelming. She continuously calls them "baby" and acts as if she is personally touched by each corpse. I would think if your job made you so sad all the time, you would get another. All in all, the show is good and I would recommend it for one of those times when you want to watch some shows, but don't want to commit to a movie.

Four years later, to add to this, I will say that someone must have heard me, because Caruso's character stopped being as annoying and the medical examiner DID find another job (lol).  

If you have the chance to watch this series, you should.  Not only has it won many awards over the years for Outstanding Stunt Coordination, Outstanding Cinematography and Outstanding Actors/Actresses, it's a good way to spend a day lounging around the house.


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