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Friday, July 27, 2012

Procrastination - Should I do that now?

Procrastinate? Who me? Never!!!!

I found this cute chart and had to share it.  It's too funny.

I know we all do it.  I don't think there is anyone around who doesn't.  I seem to do more of it lately, now that I am only working part-time.  When I am not at work, there are a multitude of projects around the house that I should be getting done, but I would much rather do it later.

Things I do to procrastinate:

1. Jump on the computer and visit: Facebook, 2 different email accounts, play Farmville, browse through Pintrest, check out my blog, or download music.

2. Grab my Ipad and play any number of games that are awaiting my turn.  

3. Watch one of the many shows I have DVR'd.

4. Nap.

5. See what the kids are doing.

You get the point.....

How about you?  What do you do to procrastinate?


Katy said...

That chart is totally brill. Great find!

Danifer said...

Thanks, Katy! I wish I could take credit for creating it, not sure who did, but they were pretty creative :) Thanks for reading.

sandie said...

LOL, and I thought I was the original procrastinator! I do most of those same things you do. I am not original after all!

Danifer said...

We are all originals, Sandie :) The things we have in common just make for great friendships. Thanks for visiting.

Rae Wright said...

LOL play farmville I do that same thing!! Oh I need to be more productive.