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Friday, December 25, 2015

Re-Post: I Am A Lane Blocker

As some of you may recall, I recently posted about teamwork and how I love to see people come together for a cause. Today's cause that I am excited to talk about is "lane blocking". What is lane blocking? It's something we all have either done or wished we had done when we get stuck in traffic. Let me paint the picture:

Here you are, tooling along on your way to work, making excellent time, thinking about how you will definitely be there before your boss today. The windows are rolled down, the birds are chirping, the air is crisp and refreshing, today is a good day. All of a sudden, you come to a complete stop. A stop that seems to last a lifetime. You try to see around the gigantic truck in front of you with no luck. You see the people in the lane to your right, flying by, as if they are privileged to not have to get stuck where you are. You think, "I want to be like them, I want to go!" No luck, they are driving as if they are in the Indy 500, not allowing you in, leaving you stuck with exhaust from the truck in front of you. So, you sit, and eventually are able to move forward. As you do this, you realize that your once excited, happy mood has been replaced by an anxious, frustrated one. "I am going to be SO late!", you think. As you move forward, you notice a merge sign up ahead, stating that everyone is merging into your lane. Now, I think you understand where I am going with this, right? The mean people, who flew by with no regard to anyone else, they saw this sign and knew that they would not wait as long as you. They wiggle their way into the front of the line, in front of everyone else who has waited their turn.

I don't know about you, but this really chaps my hide! But wait, there is a happy ending:

Take the above example, except I am the driver, stuck behind the truck. One day, I saw a woman in front of me start to head into that right lane, the one that was going to have to merge. As she attempted her journey, I thought, "Where is she going, doesn't she know that she is going to have to get over? Figures!" But to my surprise, she ended up sitting half way into the next lane, but just enough to ward off any passers. "Wow," I thought, "She is fighting back! She is the protector of all good and is here to help us!" I immediately put my car in the same position and noticed others following suit. At that time, I felt proud to be a part of such teamwork! And today, I was the fearless leader, watching others back me up. What a great feeling! Oh, by the way, I got to work before my boss.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

Life Lessons From A Broken Heart

1. Don’t ignore the red flags or that “little voice”.

2. Sometimes love is not enough.

3. Two broken people do not a lasting relationship make.

4. Your rebound will not be your “forever”.

5. Walking on eggshells only puts off the inevitable.

6. Addiction is hard on loved ones.

7. Confrontation is not always a bad thing.

8. Honesty, trust and communication are all very important in a loving relationship.

9. Don’t settle for what you know is wrong for you.

10. Change is scary, but necessary to grow.

11. Pride is a stubborn thing.

12. Being alone is not necessarily a bad thing.

13. You can still be "you" when you are part of a “we”.

14. It’s okay to not always be “ok”.

15. If someone really wants something, they will fight for it. 

16. What is meant to be will be.

17. Don’t chase after ghosts.

18. You may forgive, but you will never forget.

19. You can’t take things back once they have been said and you can’t undo what’s been done.

20. You don’t always get a second chance.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

That moment ~ 12/5/2015

When you share a "moment" with the man who holds your heart; the man you still love.


Movie Review: Before We Go

Adventures In Babysitting meets a love story...

Something told me, on this lazy Sunday, to see this movie.  While feeling down and blue and totally against love, you can imagine that a romance was the last thing I felt like seeing - but I couldn't stop myself.

I purchased the movie for $5.99 "On Demand" when I could have gotten dressed, got in the car, and picked it up from Redbox for $1.99.  Instead, I dragged myself out of bed, down the stairs, and hit a few buttons on the remote, cuddled up on the couch, and watched the movie.

So glad I did!  I really liked this movie and I LOVE Chris Evans.  It took awhile to get used to his "Movember" beard, but he can't help be adorable.  I secretly wished for someone to look at me the way he looked at this girl in the movie.  And the way he went out of his way to be her knight-in-shining-armor was heroic.  The girl, I did not recognize, and at first, I had decided I was not going to like her.  However, ten minutes in, I had changed my mind.  The two actors where great together and their characters shared some pretty life changing thoughts and decisions throughout the 8 hours they were together.

The ending was one which I love to hate.  I won't give away any spoilers, but let's just say, I would be happy to have such a wonderful experience as they had and to meet someone with whom I could have such a fun/loving connection with.  Nowadays, romance is gone and replaced with hook-up apps, text messages and ghosting. 

Here's to fairy-tales and holding out for the magic....


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a perfect day to DECIDE to be happy.  Depression can take over during the holidays, but if we make the CHOICE to be thankful, everyday, if not for just ONE thing, we will build a habit of seeing things differently.  Although we struggle with life, what helps me get through, is knowing that everything happens for a reason and I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be. I hope that everyone finds their happiness today and realizes all they are grateful for! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What I Have Learned From Tinder

Okay, so, it's not the Tinder "flame" but I didn't want the photo to be taken down for copyright issues.

If you are single and you have a smart phone, you have probably heard of TINDER and you PROBABLY have used the App.  Here is what I have learned while using the "hook up" App (as most people would describe it).

1. You can only use TINDER if you connect it to your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

2. TINDER is not a website, it is an actual App that must be downloaded.

3. You will get NOWHERE unless you post photos of yourself.

4. Said photos can only come from either one (or both) of your shared social media sites described above. 

5. People use a variety of photos to attract a "mate", "B/F", "G/F", "NSA (no strings attached)", "DTF (Down to F****)", "hook up", etc.

6.  Examples of photos:
  • Person with a dog/cat
  • Person with a child
  • Person in a photo with 5 other people
  • Person taking a picture in front of a bathroom mirror
  • Person taking a picture of themselves laying in bed
  • Person with their spouse/significant other
  • Person with their spouse/significant other cropped out of photo
  • Person's mugshot photo
  • Person holding a beer or some other alcohol
  • Person lifting weights
  • Person making hand signs and wearing gold chains
  • A pet - only
  • A penis, breasts or other body parts
  • Person with their grandparents
  • Person who's photo is blurry beyond reason
  • Person who is wearing sunglasses
  • Person wearing a hat pulled down over their eyes
  • A cartoon or crude statement
 7. People all seem to love to hike, hang out and watch Netflix, enjoy their 420 time or they are making up crazy activities that you know that no one has ever done.

8. People are looking for: 

  • Someone to hike with
  • Someone to "see how things go" with
  • Sex
  • No strings attached
  • Husband and wife are looking for a third for their relationship
  • Many are new to the area and want a tour guide
  • Did I say sex?
  • Someone who works out and is into fitness (code for someone who is not fat and lazy)
  • No hook-ups, only looking for their soul-mate
 9. The goal for guys is to quickly get the girl's telephone number so they can text them dirty photos.

10. TINDER is a numbers game and the goal is to swipe left (or push the X) if you don't like the person/photo or swipe right (push the heart) if you do like them.  There is also a SUPER LIKE option, but I am not really sure what difference there is

11. Sometimes you can get to going so fast that you accidentally "NO" someone that you didn't mean to.

12. People will disappear as quickly and easily as they appeared.

13. Most men cannot seem to form sentences.  And if they do, they either only want to talk about themselves or talk about sharing naked photos.

14. GHOSTING is a term used when you meet up with someone, have sex with them, believe you have had a great time and that you have a future with the person and then never hear from them again. 

15. UPDATE: I have also learned that my "husband" is on TINDER - I can't wait for our divorce to be final!!!

TINDER is not for everyone but if you enjoy "playing" the game, it can be quite entertaining.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

The 5 Love Languages - Gary Chapman

I am reading an interesting book that I have been meaning to read for the last few years.  I purchased it in hopes of learning more about relationships and to help me better understand exactly what makes me and others "tick".

Author, Gary Chapman, explains in his book that there are 5 Love Languages.  I have mentioned them below along with some of my own comments and insights:

  1. Words of Affirmation: People like to be complimented, praised and encouraged.  They like to hear kind words that help build them up and make them happy.  They don't like to hear demanding words.  Focus on how important words are.
  2. Quality Time: Loved ones enjoy spending time with each other.  They appreciate your full attention and interest.  They like to experience fun adventures or quiet times with you.  Dialogue is important to keep things interesting.
  3. Receiving Gifts:  Some people feel love when they are taken care of and given gifts.  Gifts can be visual symbols of love and show that someone was thinking of you.  This is derived from the marriage ceremony when rings are exchanged.  Some feel this act is very important.
  4. Acts of Service: Having someone do something that you would like them to do is another way of feeling loved.  Having a meal cooked, pants hemmed, laundry cleaned, are all examples of service.  Personally, I feel that this is most men.  Men like to be taken care of and this came from the care that was given to them by their mothers.  It's important to remember that requests give direction on how to love, but demands stop the flow of love.
  5. Physical Touch:  Touching is not limited to one localized are of the body.  Tiny tactile receptors are located throughout the body.  When those receptors are touched or pressed, nerves carry impulses to the brain.  The brain interprets these impulses and we perceive that the thing that touched us is warm or cold, hard or soft.  It causes pain or pleasure.  Some people feel love at the hands of another which is why some enjoy casual flings and one night stands.
I think that many people, like myself, feel loved with each of these languages and not just one.  However, there is usually one that is more important that another, and that is what should be focused on in your relationship.

What is your language of love?

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Part 2: Mini-Story: Heading For Trouble© - Written by Jennifer Dorsett

To read the first chapter of this mini-story, please click here: Part 1
Bo kept fiddling with his wedding ring.  Kate could not help but read into that.  Does he feel guilty for flirting?  Is he having impure thoughts about her?  Well, of course that is what she was hoping for!
“This ring belonged to my Dad, it’s even got his initials in it,” Bo whispered, as he caught Kate staring.  Kate nodded as if uninterested, but she was dying to know if it was now HIS wedding ring or if this meant he was not married.  She would have to find out, soon.

Lunch time came and the class was free to eat wherever they wanted as long as they made it back within the next hour.  Kate was excited to eat at her favorite Mexican food place nearby and mentioned it in passing to Bo.  She secretly hoped he would end up at the same restaurant, but an hour later, they both returned to the class separately.  It would have been nice if they had been able to slip away and have a flirtatious lunch that would lead to perhaps drinks later.  

Kate was brought back down to earth by the sound of the teacher starting class.  Three and a half more hours left of day one and Kate was ready for a nap, but looked forward to her afternoon next to Bo.

Bo found little ways to get Kate’s attention and make her smile.  He made subtle innuendos that were not so innocent and certainly not something a married man should be doing.  There was even a point where their hands brushed against one another, leading both of them to blush.  

Kate fantasized about all of the possibilities that this 4 day class, at a hotel, could bring.  Unfortunately, the hotel was local to all of them, so there was no need to stay the night.  Unless…..

Unless, after class, Bo hands her a room key and suggestively invites her up to his room.  Or, he leans over, and whispers in her ear, “I want you!” and they sneak out to the lobby and duck into a stairwell.  The fantasies must have gone on for a while, because Kate had no idea the class was wrapping up.

As they walked out, down the stairs and to the parking lot, they casually talked about their children, with no mention of spouses.  As they reached the outside, they parted ways with a wave and a “See you tomorrow”, in unison.

“Damn!” was all Kate could think.  This was nothing like her fantasies.

Later that evening, she decided to do a little internet stalking and attempted to find out more about Bo.  Because Bo announced that he was a semi-professional race car driver, she figured there would be no problem finding him on the web, even only knowing his first name.  After an hour, Kate realized it was not as easy as she had hoped.  She racked her brain, trying to remember where he said that he worked.  It was a big building down town, but that was all she knew.  Next, she started searching for high school baseball teams. 

She felt a little guilty and much like a pervert, however, Bo had mentioned that he was a volunteer coach at one of the area high schools.  How hard could it be to go to each sight and look at team photos, read stories, etc.  Surely, they would mention him and she would discover his last name.  No such luck!  Kate giggled at the thought of how she would appear to her friends if they ever found out about her stalking skills.  Not to mention how her ex-husband would feel if he knew she was pining over a married man.  After all, his infidelities within their marriage were hardly acceptable.

The morning was approaching quickly and Kate decided to end her pursuit.  She would have to find out more about Bo tomorrow.  Then she had a terrible thought, “What if we don’t get to sit by each other tomorrow?” Kate asked the question aloud, but knew that she would do everything in her power to spend more time with him, even if she had to get to class early.
Stay tuned for more of the short story, Heading For Trouble©, Written by Jennifer Dorsett.