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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trending Today: Courteney Cox

I opened Yahoo tonight and looked at what was trending, to get inspiration on what to write about.  Low and behold, a celebrity was on the list (actually, eight of them).  So, I picked one and decided to give you Ten Things You Did Not Know About Courteney Cox (information obtained by Yahoo and Wikipedia):

1. Courteney was born: Courteney Bass Cox (she was named after her Mother whose first name is Courteney and her last name was Bass before she re-married)
2. She owns a production company named: Coquette Productions (I figure this is short for her's and David Arquette's names put together).
3. In 2005, she was one of the highest paid TV actresses of all time.
4. She once dated her Step-Father's nephew, rock promoter, Ian Copeland. 
5. Courteney and David separated for two years before finally divorcing in 2013. 
6. She is not only an actress, but she is a director and a producer.
7. Her show, DIRT, last for two seasons (this was one of my favorite shows).
8. Courteney is from Alabama.
9. She had plans of becoming an Architect, but dropped her college classes to become and actress and model.
10. She was born in 1964. (she looks amazing for 51)  

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