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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Share: Great Article on Breaking Up

From The Change Blog

Writer Rachael Ann Mare writes about how a breakup taught her to relax and be herself.  I wanted to share this with you because I think it is a great story.  Although it has a happy ending, sometimes we don't get the girl/guy back.  Because I am going through a breakup, I found this very inspiring at least knowing that I WILL find "me".

I will share a few bits from the article.  You can read Rachael's story directly at: How A Breakup Taught Me To Relax And Be Myself

"..I thought I would be over it, or at least feel okay. I wasn’t, and I didn’t.  I had tried to be friends with him. I had tried to not be friends with him.  I cried a lot either way."

"When we first broke up, I spent an embarrassing amount of time reading Internet articles about how to get your ex back." 

"If I wanted him back, most of the books said, I couldn’t let him see how much I hurt. I had to be out there having a great time."

"I had this idea of how I was “supposed” to deal with the breakup “in order to” get him back, and it was killing me.  Instead of actually focusing on me, I let my wanting to control him—to make him come back—get the better of me, and I focused on him and how he was going to respond to what I was doing instead of on my own needs and feelings."

"I remembered all the things about our relationship that didn’t work for me.  I focused on work, on launching my blog and website and doing scads of writing, and I loved it.  I could never do all that while obsessing over his next move.  I stopped needing a relationship and started looking for someone who complemented my life."

~This is a good story, check it out: Go to The Change Blog to read


R. A. Mare said...

There's a happy ending even when you don't get the guy back. :)

Danifer said...

R.A. Mare: Yes, I KNOW you are right. However, I can't imagine a day when I will start feeling less lonely and not think of my ex every hour of every day. I know it will come with time and healing, I just can't imagine it right now.