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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mini-Story: Heading For Trouble © - Written by Jennifer Dorsett

Kate was going to be late.  It seemed to be a habit that she had formed over the last several years.  To be early almost always seemed impossible.

She arrived at the class just in time to have the instructor turn and look at her with that irritated look of someone being interrupted mid-sentence.  Kate stood at the back of the room, as she evaluated her seating options.  The instructor said, "It looks like there are only seats available down here in the front".  Kate quickly chose the most available seat, which so happened to be at the very front of the room, facing the rest of the class and presenting her back to the instructor.  This was not going to be a good 32 hours.

After everyone introduced themselves and explained why they were attending the training seminar, Kate had her chance to move in between two people at a different table.  Now she could face the instructor.  Of course, the move did not go unnoticed by the disapproving glare the teacher gave her.

Kate was seated between a man to her right and a woman to her left.  The man to her right introduced himself, "Hi, I am Bo".  Bo spoke with a southern drawl and it was obvious he was a transplant from Texas.  He was quite handsome and when he smiled at Kate, she felt a fluttering in her chest.  Judging by the ring on his left hand, she did not want to encourage the flirtation, but dang it if he wasn't persuasive.

Throughout class, a bond began forming between Bo and Kate.  With the sideways glances, the deep, meaningful smiles and the gazes into one another's eyes that lasted a little too long, it was obvious there was something brewing.  

Kate had no memory of how to flirt.  Finding herself single, after 25 years of marriage, Kate felt nervous and awkward.  Bo had been the first guy who showed an interest in her since her divorce, 6 months ago. She decided to just be herself and go with it.  Why not have some fun over these next 3 days?  What could be the harm?  Bo was married.  Surely this was innocent banter.  Boy, did Kate have surprises in store for her.....

Stay tuned for more of the short story, Heading For Trouble©, Written by Jennifer Dorsett.

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