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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Part 2: Mini-Story: Heading For Trouble© - Written by Jennifer Dorsett

To read the first chapter of this mini-story, please click here: Part 1
Bo kept fiddling with his wedding ring.  Kate could not help but read into that.  Does he feel guilty for flirting?  Is he having impure thoughts about her?  Well, of course that is what she was hoping for!
“This ring belonged to my Dad, it’s even got his initials in it,” Bo whispered, as he caught Kate staring.  Kate nodded as if uninterested, but she was dying to know if it was now HIS wedding ring or if this meant he was not married.  She would have to find out, soon.

Lunch time came and the class was free to eat wherever they wanted as long as they made it back within the next hour.  Kate was excited to eat at her favorite Mexican food place nearby and mentioned it in passing to Bo.  She secretly hoped he would end up at the same restaurant, but an hour later, they both returned to the class separately.  It would have been nice if they had been able to slip away and have a flirtatious lunch that would lead to perhaps drinks later.  

Kate was brought back down to earth by the sound of the teacher starting class.  Three and a half more hours left of day one and Kate was ready for a nap, but looked forward to her afternoon next to Bo.

Bo found little ways to get Kate’s attention and make her smile.  He made subtle innuendos that were not so innocent and certainly not something a married man should be doing.  There was even a point where their hands brushed against one another, leading both of them to blush.  

Kate fantasized about all of the possibilities that this 4 day class, at a hotel, could bring.  Unfortunately, the hotel was local to all of them, so there was no need to stay the night.  Unless…..

Unless, after class, Bo hands her a room key and suggestively invites her up to his room.  Or, he leans over, and whispers in her ear, “I want you!” and they sneak out to the lobby and duck into a stairwell.  The fantasies must have gone on for a while, because Kate had no idea the class was wrapping up.

As they walked out, down the stairs and to the parking lot, they casually talked about their children, with no mention of spouses.  As they reached the outside, they parted ways with a wave and a “See you tomorrow”, in unison.

“Damn!” was all Kate could think.  This was nothing like her fantasies.

Later that evening, she decided to do a little internet stalking and attempted to find out more about Bo.  Because Bo announced that he was a semi-professional race car driver, she figured there would be no problem finding him on the web, even only knowing his first name.  After an hour, Kate realized it was not as easy as she had hoped.  She racked her brain, trying to remember where he said that he worked.  It was a big building down town, but that was all she knew.  Next, she started searching for high school baseball teams. 

She felt a little guilty and much like a pervert, however, Bo had mentioned that he was a volunteer coach at one of the area high schools.  How hard could it be to go to each sight and look at team photos, read stories, etc.  Surely, they would mention him and she would discover his last name.  No such luck!  Kate giggled at the thought of how she would appear to her friends if they ever found out about her stalking skills.  Not to mention how her ex-husband would feel if he knew she was pining over a married man.  After all, his infidelities within their marriage were hardly acceptable.

The morning was approaching quickly and Kate decided to end her pursuit.  She would have to find out more about Bo tomorrow.  Then she had a terrible thought, “What if we don’t get to sit by each other tomorrow?” Kate asked the question aloud, but knew that she would do everything in her power to spend more time with him, even if she had to get to class early.
Stay tuned for more of the short story, Heading For Trouble©, Written by Jennifer Dorsett.

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