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How It All Started

Welcome To My Thoughts

Welcome to my blog. I am fairly new to blogging and have spent the last week getting to know the blogging community. I have enjoyed reading various blogs, including Barbara's insight on Blogging Without A Blog, reading about life's lessons on Sara Healy. And I can't forget Jen's wacky antidotes at Absolutely Bananas, or Eric Hamm's informative posts on Motivate Thyself. Over the last week, I feel like I have made some friends if not by talking to them, by reading all of their interesting posts. I would like my blog to have the same effect on YOU!

Thoughts From A Down-To-Earth Girl are snippets of who I am and what I have to say. My blog can be about my opinions on parenting, my family, life's lessons, or tips on how to be organized. Along the way, I will throw in my attempts at humor, with posts like There Are Headless Men In My Car and The White, Construction Hat.

My blog is my creative outlet and I hope you will find it interesting (and maybe even laugh a little). My email address can be found on my profile page if you would like to contact me privately. Thanks for visiting!!!!